TJ’s Faves

After reading about Chelsey’s (Clean Eating Chelsey) fave Trader Joe’s products, I decided to list of my own. I mean I talk about TJ’s enough on my blog and I shop there obsessively. So why not give my fave items a little shout out.

Spinach – We go through a bag of spinach a week. At TJ’s the spinach is super cheap. It is something I buy during every shopping trip and use up quickly.

Kids Cliff Bars (Z Bars) – Marcus and I both LOVE these! Regular Cliff bars tend to be a little to bulky and filling for a snack. The kids version is about half the calories and pack tons of fiber and a good amount of protein. They are perfect for a pre-workout boost and super tasty.

Tempeh – I have talked about tempeh a lot on the ol’ bloggy recently. I looove tempeh and prepare it once a week for supper.

Check out all that fiber and protein!

Fully cooked brown rice – This is a fave because it makes preparing lunches super easy. With no cook time, I can just throw some brown rice in a bowl with beans, veggies, leftovers etc. Super easy, quick and filling.

Sunflower seed butter – This is most definitely my most favorite TJ’s product EVER! I love sun butter. It is SO much better than any other nut butter in my opinion. I always have sun butter in the fridge with a back up in the pantry.

Ketchup – This is the best ketchup I have ever had. I don’t know what it is, but even Marcus agrees. I also keep extra ketchup in the pantry. We can’t run out. That would be tragic!

Frozen chocolate covered bananas – This is a newer product at TJ’s. At only $1.99 these little guys are heaven! Sliced up frozen banana pieces covered in rich milk chocolate, what could be better? Six pieces equal one serving and each serving is like 150 calories. Perfect dessert!

Jojos – These are TJ’s version of Oreos. But we think they taste better. I can’t decide which ones I like more, the chocolate or vanilla version. The vanilla ones have flecks of vanilla bean in the filling and taste so rich and vanillay. Jojos and almond milk are like the best snack/breakfast/dessert ever!

So there you have it. My list of my TJ’s faves! I could go on and on. I love Trader Joe’s. Almost everything they carry is their own brand. Their products are environmentally friendly, contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, contain no MSG or trans fats, and are sourced from non-genetically modified ingredients. I think that’s why everything tastes so much better than the name brand stuff you can buy at regular grocery stores. The food just tastes more real and more flavorful.

TJ’s also carries an awesome assortment of wine, beer, meat, cheese and speciality products. Can you see why I am obsessed with shopping there? Super cheap food that is delish and good for you…perfecto!

And because Marcus is cute, I added a pic of him from the field last night. Just call me paparazzi. 😉

What are your TJ’s faves? Have a fab Wednesday! 😀


7 responses to “TJ’s Faves

  1. wahhhhhhh!! That’s my whining because we don’t have TJ’s here.

  2. LOVE this post – I might have to copy it 🙂 My favorites – quinoa, dark chocolate peanutbutter cup, TJ’s gummy penguins (my favorite treat EVER), and their frozen fish selection. I’m definitely add your favorites to my cart next time especially the brown rice!

    • Def. copy it. I love reading about people’s shopping lists. I bought the pb cups one time and had to hide them from myself bc they were disappearing too quickly. So now I stay away from them!

  3. I like the basmati rice mix and the harvest grains…and I love the peanut butter cups and the caramels, too!! Jason tags along for the cheap wine. I’ll have to try the sunflower seed butter. I like to head to our new Whole Foods (just up the road from TJs here) and get fresh almond butter from their grinders =) Yummy!

  4. Tyler even prefers the TJ ketchup to others! I need to get more!!!

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