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Wiffle Ball in the House

As most of you know, planning a wedding can be super stressful. Months and months of details and colors and themes and outfits…all for one day.

We have been lucky enough to not hit many snags along the way. At six months out and only a few headaches, I considered us the lucky ones.

So you can imagine my frustration when I received an email yesterday from our venue coordinator saying that she was quitting her job. Suddenly our semi-stress free wedding had turned into a tornado of turmoil.

Dramatic? Yes. And let me just add that we have a meeting with the coordinator next week and will finalize all the details so that they can be passed on to the new hire. It will probably all be fine. But I am a perpetual worrier so bring on the stress.

Add this to the fact that we are trying to collect addresses and finalize a guest list for Save the Dates and you have some not so fun wedding planning going on.

I’ll be the first to admit that it could be worse and in the grand scheme of things our wedding will be amazing no matter what happens. But again, I’m dramatic and also in the midst of trying to learn a new job so ya know…

Marcus got a new baseball bat tonight and suddenly our night in front of the Guest List spread sheet turned into a game of wiffle ball in the house. From the office, I pitched Marcus balls into the living room and he hit them back to me. Bill shagged, aka chased the balls under the couch.

Wedding stress, work stress….it all disappeared. Marcus is my best friend and taking wiffle ball batting practice in the house is one of the many reasons I love him. He makes any situation fun and always makes me laugh.

And who can hold back a smile with this little guy around?



Life is good, despite my flair for drama. Have a fab one! 🙂


Fantastic February

February has turned out to be quite a month for me. From getting “Freshly Pressed,” and as a result gaining lots of new readers, to running a 14k, to getting a new job…it’s been an amazing few weeks, that’s for sure.

Thanks for all the love for the new job. The whole recruitment process went really quickly. I had a phone interview, got called back that same day for an in person interview, commuted into DC the next week and interviewed with four different people, then got the offer two days later. I think it’s the fastest I ever landed a job which is awesome but also very stressful. I’ve been a bundle of nerves all week long waiting for phone calls and emails.

For some reason, I was REALLY nervous to give my two weeks notice. I did it when I resigned from my last job, so I don’t know what my problem was. I just get worked up easily, so I made it a bigger deal in my mind. But it went smoothly and I am certain that the transition will go without any issues.

Most things have been great this week – all but my workouts. They have definitely suffered. Usually, I use morning workouts to jump start my day and clear my mind, but this week I just didn’t have the motivation. I missed more days than I would like to admit, and now am feeling the guilt. I think that I was just so overwhelmed by all of the other stuff going on, that waking up at 4:15 and going to the gym  was just the most unappealing thing ever.

But, what’s done is done. I am back on track for next week and ready to ramp it up again. I kind of need to get back on my game because I signed up for two more races this morning – The GW Parkway Classic in April the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in May.

Image Detail

I ran the GW Parkway Classic last year and the Historic Half the past two years. I like running the same races year after year because knowing the course and knowing what to expect makes for a better race morning.

So no more tired Taylor. I need to step it up these next two weeks, then once I start the new job, figure out a new training plan since my hours and commute will be different.

I am just ready for the weekend to get started. My best friend and her fiance are having their engagement party this Saturday, so we will all be reunited – the bridal party and their significant others, families, and lots of friends. I am BEYOND excited to see everyone and dance all night long. More than anything, I am excited to celebrate the love of Lu and William. They are two of my favorite people in the world, so I know it’s going to be an unforgettable weekend.

Have a great Friday! 🙂

I Love Love

Whew! This week has been killer and it’s only Tuesday. I promise my VA is for Lovers 14k recap is coming, just not today. I actually had the whole thing written yesterday, then I hit a random key on my key board and it all disappeared. Of course WordPress decided at the moment to autosave, so I lost everything. Hopefully tomorrow will grant me with a few more minutes to breathe.

Has everyone had a good Valentine’s Day so far? Marcus and I keep it low key every year. After months of birthdays and Christmas, we like to keep it simple for V-day. I was surprised at work with two dozen multi color roses with chocolates, a teddy bear and spa kit. He always knows how to put a smile on my face. 🙂

This morning, I attempted to make Marcus heart shaped bacon and eggs as inspired by Pinterest.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

This didn’t work and I ended up with overcooked scrambled eggs and burnt fingers from trying to shape the hot bacon. I’m the least craftiest person in the world. But he told me it was the thought that counts.

I got him a golf discount pass for a bunch of local courses from Groupon and a filet mignon to cook tonight for dinner. So tonight, we are just going to cook at home and hang on the couch with Billy boy and lots of Lost. Sounds better than battling restaurant crowds any day.

2012 is a special year for us. We will spend almost all of it engaged. It’s so fun to go through every holiday with my “fiance” and get month by month closer to our wedding date. It makes every little milestone a little more exciting.

I am so lucky to have so much love in my life – love from Marcus, love from our families, and love from our friends. It’s been an amazing and blessed year. I know more wonderful things are coming and I love it! 🙂

The Wedding Planner

So I haven’t talked about the wedding much on the blog mainly because until concrete plans are in place, I thought it would be silly to talk about every single little thing. Also, unless contracts are signed and things are set in stone, I am hesitant to talk about details. Well, contracts have been signed and the plans are starting to form!

Marcus and I lucked out with our venue in that the one price we pay is inclusive of a lot of stuff. So I really haven’t had to work to hard to make appointments with vendors because so much is included.

Over the past week we have: tasted and picked our wedding cake, tasted finalized our buffet menu, booked and paid the deposit on our photographer, blocked off hotel rooms for guests, and got the ball rolling on the groom/groomsmen outfits, and a DJ.

Next, Marcus and his guys need to get measured because we are trying to get traditional Ethiopian outfits made for them. I need his ring size because I am ordering his wedding band soon.

February is a slower wedding-related month for us. But in March, we will be taking pictures, picking out  and sending save-the-dates, and I will hopefully find a wedding dress.

All of these plans are so exciting but it’s kind of crazy to me that all this preparation is for one day. I do feel guilty that quite a lot of money and time is being spent on everything. Instead of a Bridezilla, I have become a Big Ball of Bride Stress.

But I know that it is for good reason. Because with all of this planning, October 13, 2012 will be the happiest, most beautiful day of my life. More than anything, I am just SO excited to become Marcus’ wife. So bring on the wedding plans! 🙂

The Year of the Brides

Have you ever seen 4 best friends try to prepare and plan for 3 weddings in less than a year? I have. I’m living it. They say you go to college to find your bridesmaids and we all found our’s!

Do you know what it’s like to plan engagement parties, bachelorette parties, JOP ceremonies, dress fittings, venue appointments, bridal luncheons, etc for 3 girls all in various stages of their wedding planning?

You have Pinterest boards that look like this…

planners that look like this…

and texts saying, “what about March?”

It’s a mish-mash of colors, dresses, flowers, cakes, shoes, dates and traveling.

And you know what…

I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you had told me that in college I would find 3 of the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most understanding and gorgeous friends possible, I would have not believed you. But here we are, 8 years later and planning our weddings.

It’s an amazing time. And while I can’t wait to get married, I hope 2012 goes by really slow. I want to enjoy every party, every laugh, every tear, every toast, every dance, every moment with my best friends.


It’s A New Year

It’s 2012, friends! How was everyone’s nights? Marcus and I stayed in after my race. We watched 100 episodes of Friday Night Lights, and we hung out with Bill.

My race went really well. It was only four miles, but for some reason I was still nervous. I guess I’ll always be nervous before races.


Marcus and I hung out at Panera before the race started to stay warm. Once the sun went down, it got pretty cold. After hanging out for a while, I walked to the start and lined up.

2011-12-31 17.46.02.jpg

The race started and ended very quickly. We ran in the dark which was pretty fun. I wish I would have worn light up accessories. Next year! The course was surprisingly challenging. There were lots of gradual hills that really got me. But it was fun. I was happy to see the finish line, worked up a good sweat, got my legs moving and ending 2011 on a good note. It was weird to spend 40 minutes running as opposed to multiple hours. But I liked it!

I think I prefer longer distances because I have a lot of endurance, but not a lot of speed. But I would definitely like to throw some shorter races into the mix into 2012. It was a fun way to change it up and I’m glad I ran it!

After the race, Marcus and I went to a nearby restaurant for supper. We had fun talking about our past new years’ together and also getting excited about our future plans.

2011-12-31 19.07.37.jpg

It was the perfect way to end 2011, and start 2012. And if that wasn’t enough, one of my best friends got engaged at midnight!

That means I’ll be in three weddings in 2012, including my own. I am SO excited for her and her fiance and can’t wait to get all of the celebrations started! 2012 has been so awesome already and it’s barely started.

I still have one more day off. I am going to enjoy it to the fullest…gym, cooking and relaxing with my little family! 🙂

Have a fab one!!

Christmas Roundup

Christmas is officially over and I’m back at work. Total bummer. I always enjoy the days leading up to Christmas more than the actual day. Once the day comes, it’s all kind of sad because it means it’s almost all over. But what a good day it was!

Marcus and I opened up our presents on Christmas Eve afternoon. Obviously, we still have that child-like excitement when it comes to gifts. We just couldn’t wait.

My big present to Marcus was an iPad 2. I’ve had it on layaway since October. I took every ounce of control I had to keep this gift a secret. He was so happy with it. I am too. We’ve both been playing with it non-stop.

His big present to me were my personalized Nike Frees. I needed new ones for my 2012 races. And he went a step further and designed and personalized them! How awesome are these babies?!

He also made sure to get me lots of running gear to match, all Under Armour. I am going to be one bright runner this season! 🙂

After Christmas movies and a relaxing night, we woke up Christmas morning and headed to my parents house. Over there, we had breakfast and MORE presents.

We had a ton of fun going around and opening up our gifts one by one. I think everyone was happy with what they got, but more than that we had some quality some together.

After a few hours over there, we had to switch gears and get ready for Christmas number two!

At Marcus’ mom’s house we had Christmas dinner with his whole family. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun. Marcus has a big family, so it’s always great to get together and just laugh and play games. It’s one of my favorite things about the holidays.

After all the food, presents, and excitement, I turned in early and slept in late. Every attempt I made at working out was halted by the idea of more sleep and more time to relax. Initially, I felt guilty but I figured one day of extreme laziness wouldn’t kill me. Marcus’ nephews spent the night and all four of us spent pretty much the whole day watching movies, eating and napping.

It was definitely a day of recharging and relaxing, which was much needed. But I have to admit, I was really happy to drink a protein shake this morning, pack a big salad for lunch and plan for a run today. Being back in the routine feels good!

And more than anything, I am just so happy and blessed to have such a wonderful family (x2) and fiance. I don’t know what I did to deserve these amazing people in my life, but I’m sure glad I have them. ❤

Have a fab one! 🙂