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Wiffle Ball in the House

As most of you know, planning a wedding can be super stressful. Months and months of details and colors and themes and outfits…all for one day.

We have been lucky enough to not hit many snags along the way. At six months out and only a few headaches, I considered us the lucky ones.

So you can imagine my frustration when I received an email yesterday from our venue coordinator saying that she was quitting her job. Suddenly our semi-stress free wedding had turned into a tornado of turmoil.

Dramatic? Yes. And let me just add that we have a meeting with the coordinator next week and will finalize all the details so that they can be passed on to the new hire. It will probably all be fine. But I am a perpetual worrier so bring on the stress.

Add this to the fact that we are trying to collect addresses and finalize a guest list for Save the Dates and you have some not so fun wedding planning going on.

I’ll be the first to admit that it could be worse and in the grand scheme of things our wedding will be amazing no matter what happens. But again, I’m dramatic and also in the midst of trying to learn a new job so ya know…

Marcus got a new baseball bat tonight and suddenly our night in front of the Guest List spread sheet turned into a game of wiffle ball in the house. From the office, I pitched Marcus balls into the living room and he hit them back to me. Bill shagged, aka chased the balls under the couch.

Wedding stress, work stress….it all disappeared. Marcus is my best friend and taking wiffle ball batting practice in the house is one of the many reasons I love him. He makes any situation fun and always makes me laugh.

And who can hold back a smile with this little guy around?



Life is good, despite my flair for drama. Have a fab one! 🙂


Ready to Rock

Rock n Roll DC, here I come! 🙂

Oh, and Bill is adorable…that is all.


Holy Crap

As I’ve mentioned before this week has been out of control ridiculous…in a mostly good way. I have gotten some really super news that can be explained no other way than by, “holy crap.”

But before I get to that, I will get to the literal crap. You see, every few days either Marcus or I will clean off Bill’s bum for dingleberries and litter. He has a TON of butt and back leg hair and a huge bushy tail, so his rump gets stinky every now and then.

So last night he comes prancing from his litter box, quite pleased with himself and a little nugget drops off him as his walks by. It was just a small piece of little cat poop, so I collected it in a paper towel and threw it away. But as he continued past us, we could not help but notice a piece of poop dangling off of his tail like a Christmas ornament. I quickly grabbed him and attempted to remove the offensive nug from his tail with a paper towel before he could fling is across the kitchen.

Well this piece was not so solid and it ended up getting all smeared in his tail as I tried to remove it. I told Marcus to handle it because I was cooking dinner. After about 20 minutes and lots of noises from the bathroom, Bill sprinted out looking like this:

He ended up getting poop all over his tail and bum and as a result Marcus had to give his whole back side a bath. I knew babies could have blow outs, but never knew cats could. Needless to say, he was pretty pissed off for the rest of the night.

In other news, my Harry Potter golden snitch bracelet came in the mail. Laugh away, haters…Harry Potter rocks my world and I don’t care who knows it.

And last but not least…I got a new job! A pretty amazing opportunity has presented itself and it is exactly what I am looking for in a job. I am beyond excited about this new step in my life and can’t wait to get started in two weeks!

These past few weeks have been pretty awesome. I am super grateful and well aware of how lucky I am. Now…bring on Friday! 🙂

Such A Fail

I had grand plans of making an awesome meal for dinner last night. When I saw BBQ Chicken Stuffed Potato Skins on How Sweet It Is, I immediately put in on the “must make” list.

Healthy, homemade, adaptable to a Paleo diet, and if I made mine with tempeh, then it could also be vegetarian…perfect, right?

Then I came home to this…

and every ounce of energy I had left made a quick departure.

In case you can’t tell, Bill made a playground out of two stackable wire crates in my closet. The crates are held together with little plastic doo-dads and Bill likes to make it his habit to jump on the crates so he can reach my earrings. Then he knocks them off the wall. 

I guess the crates had been jumped on too much because everything was in shambles on the floor – air freshener beads, all of my jewelry, pictures…it was a mess.  

So last night dinner went from this,

Gorgeous picture and amazing recipe credited to the oh so talented Jessica of How Sweet It Is.

to this. Frozen pizza. Such a fail.

While the pizza cooked, I had to reconstruct my crates and clean up the closet. But I didn’t stay mad for long. Because who can stay mad at this face?

The pizza was delish, and enjoyed while watching the latest episode of Glee. I’ve been hating on Glee lately, because I think the story lines have gotten absurd. But the 12-year-old in me died last night when I saw this….

Ricky Martin was not a fail. He was very much a win. 

In other FAIL news, Eva Mendes looks like  a mannequin in the latest issue of Marie Claire.


Why the Marie Claire Photoshop wizards would mess with such a perfect face, I do not know. But she looks ridiculous. I guess she is technically a win though because she is dating Ryan Gosling, and says in the MC interview, “I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film.” Creatively satisfied by Ryan Gosling? You lucky duck.


Yup, Eva Mendes is winning.

This cat is failing…


but succeeding very much in making me laugh.

I have a race this weekend. And I really hope this doesn’t happen to me.

Image Detail

I’m definitely making the chicken, sweet potato skins tonight for supper. I hope they’re a win! 🙂  

Freaky Friday

Ok, there is nothing freaky about today. I just like alliteration. I also really like the movie…the remake not the original.

Except can we pause for a minute for the grossness of Chad Michael Murray’s hair in this movie? Why did they mess with such a pretty man?

Moving on!

It’s Friday! Duh, Taylor. I’m in a good mood today, as I am on most Fridays. Aside from Friday fabulousness, I am also feeling a crucial post workout high. I came this close to skipping my workout this morning. Bill woke us up at 2:00am, and I couldn’t fall back asleep too well after that because I knew it would only be for two more hours. But I sucked it up and I am so glad I did!

During our boot camp/cycle themed class, the instructor had us pair off into teams. When one person was cycling the other was doing push ups. After 10 push ups, we switched places. So we were always moving and keeping the heart rates high. I am pumped because during the duration of the song, I was able to bang out 60 push ups all on my toes. No “girly” push ups for me. Then right after that, we moved to sprints on the tennis court. Legit. I am so glad I went to the gym and got my butt kicked. It was exactly what I needed.

Another awesome thing…

I watched this last night and geeked out for a good 15 minutes. I am DYING over this trailer. I can’t wait for the movie! My only slight hate is the exclusion of Madge and the origin of the mockingjay pin. Other than that…wow, just wow.

 I saw a blue heron flying overhead this morning and immediately texted Marcus. Blue heron are among my favorite birds so it’s pretty normal for me to text Marcus when I see an animal I really like.

I know it’s only February, but seeing my blue friend made me reaaaally excited for spring.

The Virginia is for Lovers 14k is next weekend. I am super psyched to tackle a new distance and run in a new race. I LOVE running in Va Beach and cannot wait to see the ocean and hang out with our friends who live in the area.

I think Bill is the cutest cat in the whole world. I was looking back at the first picture I took when I got my phone last year and this is how Bill looked then.

What a squirt! This is Bill now – with his bushy fur and need to explore every single thing in the house.

I love him. 🙂

It’s almost the weekend! Have a fab one!!  

Homemade Philly Cheesesteaks

Last night, I invented the best recipe for Philly cheesesteaks (Wikipedia says you can spell is cheesesteak or cheese steak.) Ok, “invent” and “recipe” may be pushing it a little. But, I will say that last night’s dinner was a success and came together so quickly that I must add it to the rotation.

Have you ever had an authentic Philly cheesesteak? I have. A few times. It’s like one the things you MUST DO when visiting Philadelphia.

So when I saw this shaved beef steak at TJ’s I knew just what to do with it.

I also knew that without the bun and cheese, this would be the perfect Paleo-friendly meal for Marcus. I cooked the meat in three batches. It came pre-sliced, so all I had to do was add it to my big electric skillet and let both sides cook evenly.

I seasoned the beef with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and in just a few minutes the whole package was cooked. After the beef cooked, I sautéed some onions and green peppers for the full cheesesteak experience.

I added a sweet potato on the side for Marcus and supper was served super fast. I would definitely buy and make this again. It was an easy and quick week day meal. Also, I sampled some of the beef and liked how it wasn’t too mushy or bland. It was full of good flavor.

When  Marcus got home from the gym, Bill was too lazy to come down from his perch to say hi. So he just hung his head down and looked adorable.

In other new, I went for a 5.5 mile run this morning before work, which is the longest distance I’ve gone in a weekday morning workout. Typically, during the warmer months, I’ll run the 2.5 mile loop in our neighborhood every other morning. But I really need to increase my mileage for all of my upcoming races.

My morning commute takes about an hour. So I left the house early, drove to work in my running clothes, pulled over and ran along a highway that has a sidewalk. I pre-mapped my route and knew I could squeeze in 5-6 miles before it was time to head into the office.

I hate working out after work, so this was a pretty good solution for me. The only thing that wasn’t great was that I started to get really hungry and achy about two miles out. Since I can’t stomach much before a run, I just ate a Gu gel before. That wasn’t enough. I’m usually pretty hungry in the mornings. My body was asking for breakfast and my legs were like no, must keep running.

I plan on running again Thursday morning. So I will experiment with fuel and see what holds me over long enough until I can drink my breakfast protein shake, but is also kind on my stomach. It was a fun way to mix up my workouts and I plan on adding more miles as the days get longer and grant me with more sunlight in the mornings.

Sitting at my desk with a runner’s high certainly makes the day a lot brighter. 🙂 Have a fab one!

Frozen 5k – Race Recap

Last week, I randomly decided to sign up for a 5k. I have never run a 5k before. I typically sign up for longer distance races because I like the challenge and all of the hype that surrounds big races. But after running the Fairfax 4 Miler on New Year’s Eve, I realized that I quite enjoy running shorter races. It feels really good to be done running in minutes as opposed to hours.

Let me just preface this by saying that Saturday night we went to a friend’s Festivus party at her family’s house where we took pictures that looked like this.


My friend’s dad is marrying us and they’re all invited to the wedding. So we went to the party so they could see what a lush classy lady I am.

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt when my alarm went off at 5:30 Sunday morning. But I womaned up, chugged some Gatorade, told myself that it was only 3 miles and hit the road.

The race was held at the Freedom Center in Manassas. Luckily, bib pick up was inside and runners were able to hang and stretch in the warmth before the race. While I was hanging out, I saw skinny Elvis. Looks like running helped him drop the jiggle.

Another cool thing about the race was that they had coffee and water available for the runners before the race. I didn’t have any, but I thought it was a nice gesture. There were also plenty of bathrooms, which is so necessary before a race.

At 8:30am, the race started. I felt the way I always do when I cross the start line – like a warrior. It’s such an awesome feeling, no matter the distance.

The course was pretty boring. We just weaved around the parking lots and roads in front of the George Mason Manassas campus. Weird…I just realized that two weeks in a row, I ran two races around both of GMU’s campuses. Ok, not that weird? Whatever.

What I did like about the course was that there were lots of times where the runners did a U turn and doubled back, so as I was running on one side of the road, other’s were running towards me on the other side of the road. I am always impressed by people who can run really fast. So I got a good look at all the people who were just going balls to the wall.

After about 30 minutes…the race was over just like that! I sprinted the final 100 yards with a tall guy who I ran near for much of the race. I would pass him, then he would pass me. As we approached the finish line, I kicked it up and notch, then he did, then I did. Finally, he said, “come on.” And we both zoomed across the finish mats. He beat me but it was good motivation to finish strong.

At the end of the race, we got tiny little medals. There was also a spread of water, bananas, muffins and coffee…not bad for a small 5k race. I grabbed my medal, water, half a muffin and called it a day.

I really enjoyed the race, despite the fact that the course was a little boring. BRATS (Bristow Tri and Swim) did an awesome job and really took care of the runners. There were lots of police officers and volunteers along the course. Everyone was super nice. We also got long sleeve tee shirts in our goodie bags, which I love. I am starting to get quite the collection of race gear. It was just a positive experience all around. I liked the 5k distance and would run this race again.

After I got home, I spent the rest of the day cleaning up a bit, cooking, relaxing and watching Friday Night Lights. I was feeling pretty wheezy after the race due to still being sick and having lots of chest congestion. Good thing I had Marcus and this little guy to keep me company.

Have a fab one! 🙂