Ethiopian American

Things are still busy in real life, so pardon my absence from blog land. I’ll figure out my routine soon. On a good note, I made it back to the gym for a morning workout after a week of figuring out my train schedule and walk to the office.

I also found out how ridiculously bad I am at knowing where I am going in the city. Let’s just say, I spent the better part of an hour walking in the wrong direction after bravely deciding to de-train at Union Station (which was different then my usual stop). For now, I am sticking to familiar territory, especially when I need to be at work on time.

Other than the new job and getting prepared for my 7th (!!) half marathon this weekend, we have also made more moves on the wedding front. Since Marcus is half Ethiopian, we want to incorporate some of the traditional customs into our wedding .

We are going to serve Ethiopian food along side American food, and play some traditional songs so that everyone gets a taste of the culture. Over the weekend, we visited a few shops to try to get an idea of what Marcus and his groomsmen will wear.

The coolest part of combining the cultures is the fact that Marcus’ groomsmen are going to participate too. I think it will look really unique to have four men of all different races, plus Marcus, wearing a traditional Ethiopian outfit that we created just for the wedding.

We talked a lot about it, and I think the guys will look awesome standing next to my girls in their chocolate brown bridesmaids’ dresses. The guys will be wearing white tunics with matching pants. The outfit is made of lightweight material and should be very comfortable and easy to wear. We are also going to have vests made in our colors so that they match my girls. Marcus will have a slightly different vest so that he stands out as the groom. We are having everything made in Ethiopia and sent here before the wedding.

I am sooo excited to see how everything turns out. I think it will come together really well. And when it’s all said and done, we will have represented and celebrated our families and upbringing.

I promise to blog more soon. It is race week, after all. And I have one BIG piece of info to share. But that’ll come later. For now, it’s bed time!


3 responses to “Ethiopian American

  1. Best of luck with your 7th half marathon – that’s awesome!!!
    And your idea of incorporating the Ethiopian culture into your wedding is so cool. Such a great way to include his family and traditions. Love it! I’m sure it’s going to come together beautifully.

  2. I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award because I love your blog! For more info visit:

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