Virginia is for Lovers 14k

The day has finally come – the Friday before race weekend. I love these days. I am always a combination of excitement and nerves. I especially love race weekends when they involve travel.

Tonight, after rush hour, we are hitting the road for Virginia Beach for the Virginia is for Lovers 14k. I have run two races in VB, Rock n Roll Half in 2010 and Shamrock Half in 2011. I am really looking forward to running a new race and new distance in my childhood city.

When my brother and I were babies, my family moved to VB. My parents were both in the Navy at the time and moved us from the frigid temperatures of Great Lakes, Illinois to the glorious warmth of VB. Good decision, parents.

VB is where is have my earliest memories – long beach days, my first day of kindergarten, the time where I sprained my ankle by jumping off of a jungle gym at day care…

It’s also where I ran my second and fourth half marathons, so VB has a special place in my heart.

I am especially excited to run another race held by J&A Racing. They know how to treat their runners right – great pre race expos, lots of SWAG, and awesome post race parties. I think all of this is important because race fees are expensive and it’s nice to see all of the things that race fees help pay for. In this race alone, runners get – a full zip running jacket, medal, flowers for the female finishers, a “surprise” gift, and a post race party with Moe’s Southwest Grill and Yuengling…does it get any better?

Plus how cute is this course map?

I’m a sucker for little details and race hype. Lay it on me. I love it.

We are staying the weekend with Marcus’ college buddy/groomsman and his wife. We haven’t seen them in ages. So I am super excited to get to VB and get the fun started.

I have my race gear layed out, music ready, and legs loose. Virginia is for Lovers 14k, here I come!


3 responses to “Virginia is for Lovers 14k

  1. Goodluck and have fun!

  2. Have a great time!! The BF and I are doing a cute little 5k in our area called, “Two For the Road”. The V-Day races are pretty cute!

  3. My parents made the same move from Great Lakes to Virginia Beach! Hope your race was fantastic and the weather was perfect!

    – a fellow Navy Brat

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