Such A Fail

I had grand plans of making an awesome meal for dinner last night. When I saw BBQ Chicken Stuffed Potato Skins on How Sweet It Is, I immediately put in on the “must make” list.

Healthy, homemade, adaptable to a Paleo diet, and if I made mine with tempeh, then it could also be vegetarian…perfect, right?

Then I came home to this…

and every ounce of energy I had left made a quick departure.

In case you can’t tell, Bill made a playground out of two stackable wire crates in my closet. The crates are held together with little plastic doo-dads and Bill likes to make it his habit to jump on the crates so he can reach my earrings. Then he knocks them off the wall. 

I guess the crates had been jumped on too much because everything was in shambles on the floor – air freshener beads, all of my jewelry, pictures…it was a mess.  

So last night dinner went from this,

Gorgeous picture and amazing recipe credited to the oh so talented Jessica of How Sweet It Is.

to this. Frozen pizza. Such a fail.

While the pizza cooked, I had to reconstruct my crates and clean up the closet. But I didn’t stay mad for long. Because who can stay mad at this face?

The pizza was delish, and enjoyed while watching the latest episode of Glee. I’ve been hating on Glee lately, because I think the story lines have gotten absurd. But the 12-year-old in me died last night when I saw this….

Ricky Martin was not a fail. He was very much a win. 

In other FAIL news, Eva Mendes looks like  a mannequin in the latest issue of Marie Claire.


Why the Marie Claire Photoshop wizards would mess with such a perfect face, I do not know. But she looks ridiculous. I guess she is technically a win though because she is dating Ryan Gosling, and says in the MC interview, “I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film.” Creatively satisfied by Ryan Gosling? You lucky duck.


Yup, Eva Mendes is winning.

This cat is failing…


but succeeding very much in making me laugh.

I have a race this weekend. And I really hope this doesn’t happen to me.

Image Detail

I’m definitely making the chicken, sweet potato skins tonight for supper. I hope they’re a win! 🙂  


8 responses to “Such A Fail

  1. Sexy Christian Wife

    LOL at your cat picture. I think my daughter only spilled our cat food twice this morning

  2. That Ricky Martin made my day. I don’t watch Glee, but I love me some Ricky Martin.

    I would be terrified to run around geese. They are so mean.

  3. You just wait until you and Marcus have babies!
    …mobile babies 🙂

  4. This post made me laugh. Good luck on your race!

  5. Your post is just lovely. Reads like ‘heart and soul’ of life. Thanks for sharing.

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