One Step

I was never the natural athlete in the family. That was Tyler’s role. Blessed with the ability to master any sport that involved a ball, he was naturally ready to test his skills at t-ball at the young age of five. At the time, I was much more content with keeping my nose in a book and catching the latest cartoons on the Disney Channel.

So when my parents went to the local youth league to sign Tyler up for t-ball, I tagged along. Ty was ready to play but was shy and nervous to try out alone. Being the protective older sister, I reluctantly signed up with him so that we could try out together. That same day my parents bought me a glove, and with no skills whatsoever I walked out onto the field with my brother. Yes, I was the kid on the field with a stiff glove and jean shorts.

Despite my less than steller performance, I was placed on a team with Ty and we learned the game of t-ball together. Day after day, mom would sit and chat with the other moms in the bleachers and dad would hang out and help with the other coaches. Every time it was my turn to practice hitting, I would give mighty swing after swing and come up with nothing but air.

I still remember the frustration as I whiffed at each pitch thrown by our coach. But as the time went on, I got the hang of it. And by the end of the season, I was the only girl selected for the All Star team.

One step was all it took. One decision to stick by my brother. And the rest is history. We both developed a love and passion for the game.

Supporting Ty during his second season with the Cubs. I had already moved onto softball by then.

Season after season, dad would work us until we perfected our skills. Ball became our lives. Hot Florida sun or freezing Virginia temperatures, we were out on that field. During  high school we were lucky enough to live right next to a little league field. Weekends consisted of shagging grounders and pop flies. Dad would pitch us buckets and buckets of balls. And when it was too cold to practice outside, we would go to our high school gym and field grounders off of the basketball court.

Ball may not have been my number one choice at the age of seven but as my love for the game grew I always had one thing – the unwavering support of my parents and the constant companionship of my brother. It’s weird to think that one random spring day of t-ball tryouts in Florida shaped my whole life. One step. One decision was all it took.

After I stopped playing softball during my Sophomore year of college, I had a huge void in my life. For 14 years, softball was my focus and driving force. The competitor in me knew something was missing. I was finished with softball. What was I supposed to do with myself?

After a few years of not having any fitness or athletic goals, I finally found it…running. I was not a natural runner…not in the least. In college, the idea of running a mere mile before practice would cause nervous butterflies in my stomach. But one day I was motivated. One day I was pushed.  And that push came from no other than my brother.

From shy five year old, to Marine in training, Ty underwent his first session of OCS in the summer of 2009. As the weeks passed, I became inspired by his dedication and success while he was there. His letters would detail the crucial drills, the long PTs, the endless nights of studying, and sweltering humps in the July sun. I had run out of excuses. I needed something to be drive me again. And just like that, I started running.

One step on the track led to one lap. One lap led to one mile. One mile led to three. And as summer went on, I became a runner. After I ran my first half marathon in May of 2010 I became addicted. Running meant more to me than exercise. Running became a way to achieve goals, a way to stay in shape, a way to improve and push myself further than I ever thought possible. Running became my new driving force.

All it took was one step. One step day after day. One step further than the day before. This morning, the last thing I wanted to do was layer up and go running. I was so warm and sleeping hard with Bill curled up on my legs. But I took that step to get out of bed, then one more step to my closet to change, and finally that one step to begin my run. Now, my run for the day is finished and I am one step closer to my goals and dreams of becoming a better runner.

So what’s the point of all of this? To illustrate that one small step is all it takes to change everything. Whether it’s taking the step to better health, signing up for a gym membership, registering for a 5k, or doing your first triathlon…all you need to do is take that first step.

No goal or dream is too big. It just takes one step.


165 responses to “One Step

  1. Beautiful message. It does only take one step — whether you’re talking about sports, professional endeavors, relationships…sometimes you just need to be brave and try something different. It clearly worked for you!


  2. Fab post. I too love running and you really hit the nail on the head when it comes to starting down a new, perhaps daunting, path.

    It’s so easy to turn an activity into something much bigger than it actually is – “one step at a time” is the perfect antidote to this.

  3. Love this. Go Martin Familia!

  4. I’m pretty good at taking the first step. Unfortunately, I can be wishy washy and every few weeks take another “first step” and decide to try something else, and allow myself to be distracted from the last thing I started…. you are a great inspiration !

  5. “No goal or dream is too big. It just takes one step.”
    Well said!
    Very cool!

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  7. Love this! So very true and said perfectly!

  8. Great story, I wish more people weren’t so afraid when it comes to taking that first step!

  9. Very awesome story! It was such a pleasure to read.

  10. Great post. Keep up the hard work and fun spirit and you’ll be surprised where running will take you.

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    Awesome story

  12. WOW. This is just what I needed. Thank you for posting.

  13. Inspiring piece. That’s why I signed up for a half-marathon! Congrats on making it to Freshly Pressed.


  14. I love this post! I also played softball competitively for a long time – and I definitely get that softball became your life – my sister and I had my dad pitching to us in the backyard, playing catch, and shagging fly balls on weekends. The weekends we didn’t have tournaments, anyway! I I stopped playing in college about 3 years ago and found I missed that team camaraderie and the competition. I recently joined a Roller Derby team and signed up for my first 10k – I’m hoping I can be as successful as you have been!

  15. Wonderful story. I love the idea of one step. Take it one step, one day, one action at a time, and before you know it you have accomplished something great. Thank you for the inspiration.

  16. I just love how you are so dedicated to your family and also the sport of running….Honestly, I pretty much read your blog everyday and you really inspire me to get out of bed everyday and get my feet on that pavement…I am always thrilled after a run!

  17. I took that step. I have really changed my focus on health and fitness over the past 3 years. I DO NOT regret it or look back, just keeping moving forward! Love the post – Congrats on being FP!

  18. We have some coincidences: I too played t-ball (though not for the same reasons), I have a younger brother in law that just graduated the marine boot camp this past January, and I have recently started running again to be able to run 5 miles for an upcoming race. Great post and happy running! =)

  19. I love your story – thanks for sharing it!

  20. Running is tuff. Give me a ball any day.

  21. Semper Fi! Love the motivation “spill-over” from OCS. Keep it up!

  22. love running too, great post!

  23. Great post. Kinda got me thinking about the Al Pacino locker room speech he gave in a football movie. Think it was called Any Given Sunday. Regardless, the speech is called INCHES. Great speech. YouTube it. Very similar to your post

  24. 1 step at a time! Great spirit!

  25. Thanks for sharing the story. The tee ball picture is cute. I kind of hate running but have been getting SLOWLY into it (along with some fast walking) to help keep me in shape. Didn’t play sports throughout college, but stayed pretty active. Here in the adult world, however, I now have to force myself to stay active.

    That means exercise for exercise’s sake. But you’re right, one step is all it takes. It can end up meaning a whole lot more, too, and I’m hoping that will result for me.

    Congrats, good work, keep it up.

  26. Love this!!! I started running in July for the first time EVER. This perfectly captures what its like starting out. Great posting!

  27. It’s so true. Running really is about taking one step further than the day before. I remember the first time I tried to run, I almost hyperventilated after one block and thought I’d need to give up running forever. But once I eventually got back into it, I realized I could run further and more easily each time. I absolutely love it now. It’s not always pretty when it’s happening. But that feeling you get at the end of a run that you thought you wouldn’t finish when you started it is totally worth it.

    Good for you for challenging yourself! 🙂

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    Here’s a nice posting about taking new steps!

  29. So encouraging!! Thank you.

  30. Love this! Congrats on your athleticism. You’ve earned it!

  31. thank you.. inspirational…

  32. Great post. Congrats on kicking ass and taking names. The past year I’ve been unable to run at on all account of two ankle injuries. It’s nice to live vicariously through another blogger. ^^

  33. glioblastomarunner

    Running is the greatest sport in the world and remember it’s a “sport”…Over the years, it has become a way for Saturday morning fitness yuppies to meet.
    Don’t make the mistake of using the sport for social reasons.
    you will find that the more you actually get interested in the sport of distance running, the more you will genuinely get into it.
    Know who the elite runners are, know where the great races are. Pay attention to NCAA cross country and the distances in track…..
    My biggest mistake the first years that I was a runner (80,000 miles in 34 years)…was that I “yuppie” ran.
    i ran evry Saturday, but had no real interest in the sport.
    Suddenly, I began getting interested in the thing that I “thought” I had been interested in…and it changed EVERYTHING…
    It made my own racing better, it made my own training better.
    I’ll be willing to bet that nearly EVERY little league baseball player knows who Albert Puhols is or David Freese…Go to some Saturday morning yuppie race and ask every runnr lined up at the start with his garmin on who Chris Solinsky is, who Vin Lannana is, Who Bill Rodgers is…and I will gurantee that 80% will give you a blank look..
    So, get interested in being a runner THROUGH AND THROUGH and the more you do, the better the experience will be.
    Oddly enough I am against the charity races for cancer and all that..that and walking took the sport in directions that did no good for the sport..just my opinion. good luck

  34. One small step for a day,then it’s a big step

  35. It seems so simple, but sometimes all it takes is one person to remind you it starts with one step.

    I played softball every summer until I was 18. It is some of my favorite memories.

  36. thank you for sharing your inspiring story!

  37. Inspirational…love it

  38. Your story has inspired me to take the first baby step to a better healthier lifestyle. At age seventy-three I needed something like this post to convince me that there is hope. Thanks for sharing a great story.

  39. great post and very inspiring

  40. ..or like that smart Chinese fellow said.. “the journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.” Your article is also a metaphor for life. 🙂

  41. Great post, I can relate to it. One step at a time in whatever I do:)

  42. Congrats on becoming a runner! If you want the ultimate Women’s Run, you have to do the Nike Women’s Marathon! (or half!) Pretty soon the lottery opens in March, people find out if they get a spot in May. There is a chocolate mile, free manis and pedis in the runner’s village, and at the finish line tux-clad firemen with silver platters filled with your Tiffany’s Necklace! FOR REAL!! Best ever!

  43. Wow!! This post is so inspiring! thanks a lot. I really wanted to read this, i will stick to my routine, going forward.

  44. Thanks for this. What an inspirational story. It’s just what I needed. I decide last year that I would do a fun run. I set up a blog page (runningwyld) to chronicle my progress. I made a Facebook (Running Wild) to tell everyone how I was doing, I downloaded about 5 apps to my phone to get me motivated towards my big day and then……. well, and then NOTHING!!!! I haven’t run one step, I haven’t blogged one word, I haven’t posted one post on FB. Hmmm!! Seems like all my energy went on setting up recording my progress, but left none for actually progressing!!! You have inspired me and I will now (at least think about) what I need to do to get going. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂

  45. Congratulations on pushing yourself to take that first step. I’ve just taken up running for a couple of weeks now and I can easily see how addictive it can become. Living in a beautiful country like South Africa I have no excuse not to go outdoors.

  46. One small step and a giant leap for a mankind is what i recalled . Surely it just take a one small step but believe me that little step is so very difficult and i can really assure u that.

  47. Absolutely fabulous story! Awe-inspiring and makes me want to go back out running right now! 🙂

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  49. I took that one small step several time and it was going quite well until I quit for all the problems of life. You need to take that one step for better life and that life stops you from taking that step. How ridiculous is that?

  50. awesome post. this is the spirit…

  51. One step

    It’s all it takes

    It’s all that counts

  52. Thanks for posting this, was considering running this morning but made some lame excuses look like I will be making that one small step and getting out there. It may only end up being a walk but at least a step was made! Great post, very encouraging!!!

  53. Goals are a part of what drives the human spirit. This blog story was a great example of that. My thanks for your sharing.

  54. One step at the time…nice post

  55. I really liked the way you ended your post,

    No goal or dream is too big. It just takes one step.

    Give by grace, create community, proclaim good news.

  56. Was wonderful to read !

  57. glioblastomarunner

    P.S. Start off with this step…keeping a log…The hand written ones are OK, John Jerome and all that..but here is a very good on-line running log

  58. Nice piece! I wrote something similiar on my brand new blog. It’s also about just putting one foot in front of the other . . . anything is possible if you just take one small baby step at a time!

  59. NICE tHANKS fOR Sharing it

  60. I don’t know you but you’re a sister from a different mister. I can totally relate to everything you’ve just said..from your relationship with your brother to your relationship with running—that’s me. I’ve just started attempting to “run” this year and I’ve registered for a 10K at the end of March. I’m only up to a half mile, but getting stronger everyday. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring me. One step…so true. Awesome post.

  61. Ok, I’m convinced. I’m headed to the closet to grab my sneakers and dust them off. Thanks for the inspiration!

  62. Great post. I love reading about the stories of fellow runners. It is my favorite thing to do and I can’t wait till I get off work today because I’m squeezing a needed one in this afternoon.

  63. You write beautifully- and I needed to read something like this to motivat me today. Thanks so much 🙂 ❤

  64. Well, a very nice post. And I was struggling to push myself to go for a run in the cold, it helped me found some additional motivation. Thanks

  65. When I left high school and stopped playing lacrosse, I was in the same situation, but I decided (like your brother) to join ROTC, so that kept me in shape and gave me a drive, but unfortunately I couldn’t stay in after a year of college. Last May, I ran a 10k with some family for fun, and I got hooked immediately. I signed up for a full marathon and started training. I finished my first marathon in October in 4 hrs 31 minutes, and I’m training again for next one in May! I know exactly how you feel, I live in Pittsburgh and it’s been snowing and cold, but I get dressed and go running, I couldn’t function without it. Sorry for the long comment, but your post was awesome and I feel a lot like that! Keep it up.

  66. very inspiring hope you go on to achieve everything under the sun

  67. kudos to a very encouraging post! i am a runner too, and yes, i agree with you, all it takes is one step. be it with running or with anything in life.. if we never try, we will never know.. i hope many others will read this post 🙂 God bless you.

  68. I am assuming that Bill is your dog or I guess he could be a really small husband or boyfriend. LOL!
    Congrats on finding your passion and getting Freshly Pressed! Aren’t the views amazing? I

  69. Thank you for writing this galvanizing post. Every single one of us needs to be reminded that all it take is a single step to create the change we crave. Additionally, your family sounds almost mythical and it warms my heart to learn there are true families still out there. Lastly, please thank your brother, Tyler, for me for defending our country. Excellent post.

  70. Great post and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Please give a giant “thank you”, to your brothe Tyler for defending our country. May everyone else who reads this, find inspiration from your post.

  71. Great post. I grew up playing soccer (East Coast Canada) and once the competitive time was done I continued to pay but running became my thing. I used to hate running but have come to love it. And congrats on the 1/2 marathon. Cheers.

  72. Beautiful story, and very true! I think all us bloggers are taking our “one step” by taking a deep breath and posting our thoughts and feelings for the world to see.

    Need a one step? Read a blog. Or better – write one. 🙂

  73. I’m only just beginning to learn this lesson…I’ve been frozen in place by inaction for so long, when it turns out that just pushing myself a little makes an amazing difference.

    Thanks for the inspiring post!

  74. Great story, loved the photos!

  75. Great post! You’re so right about the One Step…getting out there and getting started is by far the hardest part. I also find running incredibly rewarding and a way to push myself in ways I never knew were possible. My first half marathon is in 2.5 weeks and I can’t wait! I never thought I’d say that 🙂

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  77. I recently experienced the same thing! You go girl, keep up the good work:)

  78. We have so much in common! You’re right- it just takes one step. Running has changed my life and it sounds like it is changing yours too!

  79. Very well said. One step is indeed all it takes, but you must continue that one extra step day after day and really push yourself in order to be successful.

  80. I LOVE these type of nostalgic posts; gotta love 90’s style! Thanks for opening the door into your life, routine, and goals for the future; you’re an inspiration. p.s. Congrats on making the home page!

  81. Nice Post.

    best regards

  82. ‘No goal or dream is too big. It just takes one step.’
    Are there any dreams at all? Are they something that’s been invented in the mind and the brain?
    Running’s a fabulous sport. It’s just that it does play havoc with the legs and tendons, etc, from time to time. The way to help minimise this is to take up swimming as well. I’ve also written some posts about running and marathon training. If you’re interested, they’re at

  83. Wow, what an inspirational story. I love how the companionship of your brother, the support and love of your family created a structure for you to try new things. In spite of your “lack of natural talent,” which you may be selling yourself short, you persevered and have had a lot of success. Thanks for sharing!

  84. Inspiring blog!

  85. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

    As a parent shagging lots of baseballs and shooting even more hoops, I hope that I can instill some of the same important lessons learned by you and your brother.

  86. Love this post.
    Thanks for sharing. One step… keep running girl!

  87. Life's amazing journey

    I love the bit about it just taking one step – so true 🙂

  88. I remember the high I got from running for a few years.. and dragon boat racing.. and cycling… like you wrote, it’s just a matter of getting up, setting out, taking it a step (or stride or leap) at a time. Good on you! You’ve got a great attitude 🙂

  89. lovely post. My own quest started when I hit 105 kgs on the scale. Got a book, ran 5 minuntes first day. And now after running 2 marathons and countless half marathon, I’m more happy and fit. I just can’t stop running- I guess I’m addict.

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    What a great story!

  91. Hi, good enrty 🙂 I like this, maybe “first step is your dream “

  92. Awesome post. Thanks Taylor! I was the one in the shiny new sneakers and jean shoorts on teh soccer field. ha ha!

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    Awesome post. Thanks Taylor!

  94. I rather run then walk anywhere any day. Sadly they say you can burn more weight walking then jogging but i just don’t have the patients for it. Besides I’m from Harlem it’s kinda of our thing out here, ahhhaaa stature joke, oh how i kill myself, I don’t mind laughing at myself sometimes. It also burns calories -,o

  95. Yes I like this. One step is all it takes to start and one step to keep going. Whatever you plan you must first start with that first step.

  96. Great post! I dont’ run anymore but I just started walking to work (an hour each way). More pain than I anticipated, but I know my body will thank me in the long run.

  97. It is definitely all about the choices we make, and how we choose to pursue our dreams. Great post. Happy Running 🙂

  98. Great post, congrats on all of your achievements!

  99. Great message and I loved reading the comments you inspired.

  100. Loved this post. I am a “baby runner” but hey, I’m running! Never thought it would be a part of my life, let alone something I did “on purpose”! LOL But I am loving it. Been 13 weeks now and counting. Step by step, one day at a time…..

  101. just the inspiration I needed to continue my training for the Half marathon in march. Thank you!

  102. I greatly enjoyed the post and it set me on a positive path. Thanks for sharing and good luck with it.

  103. I always love these inspirational posts. The ones that show how we can over come our apathy, and whether it is an inner or outer inspiration doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that we achieve.

  104. I completely know the feeling of being lost after competitive sports. I had to find something after college and playing sports my entire life. Great post about courage and motivation!

  105. That may have just been the most inspirational thing I have read in a while. I mean there are many who have a accident in their lives and over come but this story was so different and well I can honestly say it will push me to get off my butt today.

  106. Thanks for a great story. Running rocks!

  107. Thanks for sharing your story! I was like you–I used to think running for 5 minutes straight was a feat, and am now training for my third half-marathon.

    Way to go!

  108. This post was an incredibly enjoyable read. You know when you’ve been pondering something, bouncing an idea around in your mind grapes, and you come along something that speaks exactly to that idea from a random outside source? This post was that for me.

    I’ve just become a personal trainer (2nd day) after having lost 110 pounds myself over the course of a year or so. It brings me back to my beginnings. Inspiring people is what I want to do for a living and your post embodies such a great mentality and sense of spirit and accomplishment. You go girl 🙂

  109. Love your post. I too took up running about 4 years ago and next year I’m looking forward to running my first marathon. Keep on running!

  110. It was pretty difficult taking that first step, but like you said, it’s now become an addiction. I feel I have to run an event every now and then. And each and every finish is as satisfying as the earlier one!

  111. Fantastic post!!!

    I have my first half marathon on March 4th – really looking forward to it 🙂

  112. Nice post – I’ve tried running and always gave up very easily. You may have inspired me to try again!

  113. Looking forward to doing my first 5k in April. Small step for many, but big step for me. Great post! Thank you.

  114. Great post. I was regularly running 5k until shinsplints meant I had to stop! It’s so frustrating – going out running in the mornings used to make me feel so good, now I just feel so inactive!

  115. One step at a time to get to our goal …to get us into shape…to get us to our dream …Beautiful post that motivates in the most positive way…Thank you! Way to go for 2012!

  116. I love your inspirational post so much, that I reblogged it on LeeandRodCare. Thank you, your words were just what I needed to hear today.

  117. I too love running! I love this post and it really is true… one small step forward could be the very SPARK that brings you OUT! Way to go! Im running my first 1/2 March 2012 in DC Rock n Roll! I can not wait!
    Running has taking me to places I have only DREAMED OF! 🙂
    Happy Eating!

  118. Great post. Gotta start somewhere, right? Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  119. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  120. You made my day! Great inspirational post. I just started back at the gym this week and want to run a half marathon this year! Cheers.

  121. Amazing story that gives me strength and hope! Thanks for sharing!

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  123. A wise man once told me, “You can’t eat an elephant in one bite.” To which I replied, ” If you have a big enough mouth you could.” Admittedly I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. Keep up the good work.

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  125. Great post! Very inspiring. It really does take just that one step to begin changing, as long as you’re dedicated to that step! Best of luck 🙂

  126. Great writing, and great message. Thanks for sharing. And it got me thinking about how long its been since I hit the trails…

  127. Reblogged this on Life Time Struggle and commented:
    I read this post tonight and it made me realize that not long ago (okay may like over a year ago) I was going to the gym regularly and I started a running regime to start preparing to run a 5k! I think I might look into that again! Thanks!

  128. I should have read this this MORNING!!! So that I would have gone running today!!!!

  129. What training did you do for the 1/2 marathon?

  130. Great message and very well said!!

  131. Very intuitive post. I wonder how amazing it is to do something we don’t have to regret about and just enjoy the journey as it goes along.

  132. Amazing post, I just finished playing competitive soccer (because my sister paved the way and I followed). This is the first time in my life I have not had any athletic goals, or any reason to remain physically active. I need something to latch onto, this story is something I can certainly relate to. Thank you for sharing.

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  134. Great story. Reading it reminded me of my own path to become a runner, triathlete and generally a fit person. Thanks for sharing.

  135. fullstrengthmojo

    Inspirational…thanks for sharing!

  136. Such an inspiration and so similar to the journey I am starting now and I am running one mile in an attempt to become a runner myself.
    Definitely reblogging!

  137. ***The LensMaster

    You’re blog just came on time. I’ve been trying to find some source of motivation lately to do things I need to do for myself. For quite a while, I think I’ve been burned out by law school that I don’t get motivated to start things. But, yes, you are correct. I should also take my ONE STEP. Who knows where this would lead me in years time. Today, I’m proud to say that I woke up before sunrise to take my FIRST STEP…

  138. Beautiful, powerful message! Great job!

  139. This is so motivating! I took that one step when I started my blog and decided to finally show everyone my work. I hope you continue to make great progress.

  140. You have given a nice theme to every one..nice story..i like it

  141. Brilliantly written! Very motivational!

    May we all have the courage to take that one difficult first step everyday! Cheers!

  142. this is very inspiring!! making that one step that will lead you to your dreams.. now i’m ready to take that step 😉

  143. Wonderful post. It’s deeply motivating! Thank you so much for posting this.

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