Whatever, I Liked It

There are many mixed reviews today about Madonna’s half time performance. I was skeptical when I heard she was the headlining act. Madonna is very hit or miss for me. Sure, she was progressive and legendary in her time. But there’s something about seeing a woman my parents’ age gyrating around like a teenager that just makes me say, “give it up already.”

Well, I am here today eating my words. Madonna may be 53, and have her face stretched so tight she can’t close her eyes, but girl has still got it.

I loved it. I loved the whole show. Madonna, LMFAO, Nikki Manaj, MIA, and Ceelo rocked my world last night. I loved the inclusion of Madonna’s classics mixed with her newest single. Sure, the choreography was a little spotty at times and the whole concept was a bit cheesy, but overall, it was uplifting, catchy, and made me want to dance. She worked the stage and worked those high heels.

So I am on Team Madonna for now. We cycled to her newest single this morning and it immediately put me in the best mood ever. I’m sold.

And if that wasn’t enough, Blake and Miranda’s duet before the game was just precious. They get my vote for cutest country couple in the world.

And Kelly Clarkson was just perfect. Girlfriend can sing.

As for the game? Eh. I grew tired of football back in like November. Bring on baseball season!


4 responses to “Whatever, I Liked It

  1. “Madonna may be 53, and have her face stretched so tight she can’t close her eyes, but girl has still got it.”
    She has it all right!
    And there’s no known cure!

  2. I still remember when I saw Madonna poster for the very first time. She had the big massive pimple on her cheeks, and her sheer beauty was just amazing.

    I remmeber I could not think of anything else till I bought that poster. This was way before she became anybody.

    I just knew she will be a great star….just knew it

  3. LOL, agreed for the most part but I really could have done without the whole “world peace” thing at the end. Really?! LAME! Miranda and Blake- no doubt, cutest country couple ever. And Kelly – that sister better go on and do her thing. She’s awesome. Period.

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