Freaky Friday

Ok, there is nothing freaky about today. I just like alliteration. I also really like the movie…the remake not the original.

Except can we pause for a minute for the grossness of Chad Michael Murray’s hair in this movie? Why did they mess with such a pretty man?

Moving on!

It’s Friday! Duh, Taylor. I’m in a good mood today, as I am on most Fridays. Aside from Friday fabulousness, I am also feeling a crucial post workout high. I came this close to skipping my workout this morning. Bill woke us up at 2:00am, and I couldn’t fall back asleep too well after that because I knew it would only be for two more hours. But I sucked it up and I am so glad I did!

During our boot camp/cycle themed class, the instructor had us pair off into teams. When one person was cycling the other was doing push ups. After 10 push ups, we switched places. So we were always moving and keeping the heart rates high. I am pumped because during the duration of the song, I was able to bang out 60 push ups all on my toes. No “girly” push ups for me. Then right after that, we moved to sprints on the tennis court. Legit. I am so glad I went to the gym and got my butt kicked. It was exactly what I needed.

Another awesome thing…

I watched this last night and geeked out for a good 15 minutes. I am DYING over this trailer. I can’t wait for the movie! My only slight hate is the exclusion of Madge and the origin of the mockingjay pin. Other than that…wow, just wow.

 I saw a blue heron flying overhead this morning and immediately texted Marcus. Blue heron are among my favorite birds so it’s pretty normal for me to text Marcus when I see an animal I really like.

I know it’s only February, but seeing my blue friend made me reaaaally excited for spring.

The Virginia is for Lovers 14k is next weekend. I am super psyched to tackle a new distance and run in a new race. I LOVE running in Va Beach and cannot wait to see the ocean and hang out with our friends who live in the area.

I think Bill is the cutest cat in the whole world. I was looking back at the first picture I took when I got my phone last year and this is how Bill looked then.

What a squirt! This is Bill now – with his bushy fur and need to explore every single thing in the house.

I love him. 🙂

It’s almost the weekend! Have a fab one!!  


3 responses to “Freaky Friday

  1. I love him too! So glad he has you and Marcus as his parents! ❤

  2. I can’t WAIT for The Hunger Games! I am so excited! I did a little geek-out over the trailer, but I was slightly disappointed that there was only one new scene that wasn’t in the first trailer. Ahh well.
    I have to say, I loved the original Freaky Friday. I watched it all the time when I was a kid. But I was young when it came out and saw it WAY before the remake, so that is probably why.

    And your cat is seriously awesome. As is your grandma.

  3. Cool cat! Plenty of personality!

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