The Wedding Planner

So I haven’t talked about the wedding much on the blog mainly because until concrete plans are in place, I thought it would be silly to talk about every single little thing. Also, unless contracts are signed and things are set in stone, I am hesitant to talk about details. Well, contracts have been signed and the plans are starting to form!

Marcus and I lucked out with our venue in that the one price we pay is inclusive of a lot of stuff. So I really haven’t had to work to hard to make appointments with vendors because so much is included.

Over the past week we have: tasted and picked our wedding cake, tasted finalized our buffet menu, booked and paid the deposit on our photographer, blocked off hotel rooms for guests, and got the ball rolling on the groom/groomsmen outfits, and a DJ.

Next, Marcus and his guys need to get measured because we are trying to get traditional Ethiopian outfits made for them. I need his ring size because I am ordering his wedding band soon.

February is a slower wedding-related month for us. But in March, we will be taking pictures, picking out  and sending save-the-dates, and I will hopefully find a wedding dress.

All of these plans are so exciting but it’s kind of crazy to me that all this preparation is for one day. I do feel guilty that quite a lot of money and time is being spent on everything. Instead of a Bridezilla, I have become a Big Ball of Bride Stress.

But I know that it is for good reason. Because with all of this planning, October 13, 2012 will be the happiest, most beautiful day of my life. More than anything, I am just SO excited to become Marcus’ wife. So bring on the wedding plans! 🙂


2 responses to “The Wedding Planner

  1. Good luck with all of your wedding planning, I can relate, I’m still planning too and I’m coming down to the last few months which I think are the most stressful. Just be sure to take care of yourself and don’t get too stressed!

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