Homemade Philly Cheesesteaks

Last night, I invented the best recipe for Philly cheesesteaks (Wikipedia says you can spell is cheesesteak or cheese steak.) Ok, “invent” and “recipe” may be pushing it a little. But, I will say that last night’s dinner was a success and came together so quickly that I must add it to the rotation.

Have you ever had an authentic Philly cheesesteak? I have. A few times. It’s like one the things you MUST DO when visiting Philadelphia.

So when I saw this shaved beef steak at TJ’s I knew just what to do with it.

I also knew that without the bun and cheese, this would be the perfect Paleo-friendly meal for Marcus. I cooked the meat in three batches. It came pre-sliced, so all I had to do was add it to my big electric skillet and let both sides cook evenly.

I seasoned the beef with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and in just a few minutes the whole package was cooked. After the beef cooked, I sautéed some onions and green peppers for the full cheesesteak experience.

I added a sweet potato on the side for Marcus and supper was served super fast. I would definitely buy and make this again. It was an easy and quick week day meal. Also, I sampled some of the beef and liked how it wasn’t too mushy or bland. It was full of good flavor.

When  Marcus got home from the gym, Bill was too lazy to come down from his perch to say hi. So he just hung his head down and looked adorable.

In other new, I went for a 5.5 mile run this morning before work, which is the longest distance I’ve gone in a weekday morning workout. Typically, during the warmer months, I’ll run the 2.5 mile loop in our neighborhood every other morning. But I really need to increase my mileage for all of my upcoming races.

My morning commute takes about an hour. So I left the house early, drove to work in my running clothes, pulled over and ran along a highway that has a sidewalk. I pre-mapped my route and knew I could squeeze in 5-6 miles before it was time to head into the office.

I hate working out after work, so this was a pretty good solution for me. The only thing that wasn’t great was that I started to get really hungry and achy about two miles out. Since I can’t stomach much before a run, I just ate a Gu gel before. That wasn’t enough. I’m usually pretty hungry in the mornings. My body was asking for breakfast and my legs were like no, must keep running.

I plan on running again Thursday morning. So I will experiment with fuel and see what holds me over long enough until I can drink my breakfast protein shake, but is also kind on my stomach. It was a fun way to mix up my workouts and I plan on adding more miles as the days get longer and grant me with more sunlight in the mornings.

Sitting at my desk with a runner’s high certainly makes the day a lot brighter. 🙂 Have a fab one!


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