Paleo Pancakes

Sometimes it’s hard to eat Paleo. I mean it really is up to interpretation. Unfortunately, the cave men and women did not leave us with cook books, so any ideas we have about how they ate are really just educated guesses.

For example, I don’t think they were sitting around on a Sunday morning grinding almonds to make flour and serving up a scrumptious pancake breakfast for the cave kids. I kind of think it’s silly to say they ate this but didn’t eat that. I mean how do you know for sure? And coconut oil is widely accepted in the Paleo world, but last time I checked coconuts were very regional. I don’t think cave people in (what is now) Kansas were breaking open coconuts. Did cave people live in Kansas?

So all the speculation aside, I kind of go with the hard and set Paleo rules and sculpt them to our dietary needs. I must be doing something right because Marcus has lost 15 pounds, his blood sugar is more regulated and his need for fast digesting carbs (Gatorade and cereal) has greatly decreased.

So even though it takes some thought and research to cook Paleo-friendly meals for him, I think it’s worth it if it means controlling his diabetes and making him healthier as a result.

Now, onto dinner. Growing up, some of my favorite nights were when mom made us breakfast for supper. Having breakfast-type meals at night felt like we were breaking the rules. It was so fun, especially to my brother and me. Inspired by my childhood memories, I decided to try my hand in making Paleo pancakes for supper.

I researched some recipes on Paleo Hacks (great site for all your Paleo questions) and kind of made up a recipe based on what I found.

*FYI some Paleo peeps consider almond meal (flour) to be on the “Do Not Eat” list because of the toxins that are released when almonds are cooked? I don’t know enough about the topic either way…almond flour is low carb and a natural ingredient with no processing…so we eat it.*

1 cup of almond meal (mine was TJ’s brand, but it’s easy to make your own)
1 cup of unsweetened original almond milk
2 eggs
a butt load of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of chia seeds (unpictured because I added them last minute)

I mixed all of the ingredients while the pan heated up. I used coconut oil to grease the pan. Only a teaspoon was needed. I then spooned a small portion of batter into the pan and cooked for about three minutes on each side. My first pancake looked like this.

I was surprised that they didn’t fluff up like regular pancakes do. They were also pretty fragile, so I kept the pancakes small. I made pancakes until the batter was used up. I added more coconut oil to the pan about two more times to make sure the pancakes didn’t stick. The smell of almonds and coconut was awesome. It reminding me of a carnival.

I made some chicken sausage links for Marcus to complete his breakfast for dinner. I three medium-sized pancakes (about three inches in diameter) along with a cut up jazz apple, maple syrup and sunflower seed butter for apple dippage.

These pancakes turned out pretty good. They were super dense and filling. The nuttiness of the almonds tasted awesome with maple syrup. I would definitely makes these again, but I would like to experiment with the recipe . I think I could make it better. Overall, they are a good alternative to our usual boxed pancake mix – Paleo friendly and made with ingredients we can pronounce. Breakfast for dinner was a success!

Have a fab one! 🙂


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