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Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? I did and I have some thoughts. I will be the first to admit, I am not educated enough on politics to give you solid opinions on one person or another. You can challenge me and a political debate and I assure you that you will win. I am the type of person who hears one side and shakes my head in agreement. Then I hear the other side and I say, “Wow. Good point.”

I keep things pretty moderate both in real life and on the blog. This is not a political chat, more of an expression of thoughts. First off, let me say that you cannot live as close as I do to DC and not be sucked into the excitement and power of the city.

I remember hearing the details and debates about the Clinton impeachment while riding in my dad’s truck soon after moving to Virginia. I remember watching the twin towers fall on the TVs in school then feeling my heart drop when the Pentagon was attacked, just nine miles away.

I remember my dad picking me up at Mary Washington and driving me all the way back to Alexandria to vote for the first time. I remember staying up late and watching TV as Obama become the 44th president of the United States.

I am kind of skeptical about politicians in general. I feel like a lot of them (no matter the political party) just tell you what you want to hear to get elected then push their own agenda once they get into office. It also grinds my gears that the one’s that make the most noise about being anti-gay and anti-this and that are the one’s who are found hitting on page boys and have affairs with 10 other women. But that is a topic for another time.

Since I don’t get the warm and fuzzies for a particular person or political party, I am going to discuss issues – topics that really pump me up, things that are non negotiables in my eyes when it comes to the leaders of our country.

Don’t ask me about tax breaks or the national debt. I got nothing for you. Instead I have this:

1) Protect our service men and women – the one’s serving and our veterans. My parents are Navy veterans and my brother is a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. Their safety, well-being and care mean more to me than anything in the world. They risked their lives for this country, so they deserve benefits for the rest of their lives.

2) Take care of our teachers and our students. Recent college graduates are a struggling with unemployment and after they finish school are faced with huge student loan bills. Tell me how a graduate with no job can afford a $300 a month student loan payment? We need more jobs for recent grads. Teachers are getting fired due to budget cuts within the county. Less teachers = more students per class. This benefits no one. Students don’t get the attention they deserve and teachers aren’t able to efficiently teach.

3) Consider women’s rights. I don’t know enough about the statistics of women versus men when it comes to salaries, but I do know that equal pay for equal work sounds like a good rule to go by. I also know that NO ONE in office should be telling me what I can and cannot do to my body, especially if it’s an old man who has no idea what they are talking about. You want to pass bills regarding women? Let a woman politician write it. At least then she will know what we are dealing with.

And on a side note, the next time I see a man standing outside of a woman’s clinic with a sign telling people that they are killing babies, I’m gonna go off. Do you have a vagina and a uterus, sir? Do you see me holding signs telling you what to do with your penis? Sit down.

4) Be nice to our earth. I know I am over simplifying it here. But our resources are not going to last forever. We need to figure out ways to utilize new energy sources to both save money and save our planet.

That’s it. I mean there are lots of other things that I’m sure I have opinions or thoughts on. But when it comes issues in the US, I wish politicians would make decisions to better America and American citizens.

What are your thoughts of the State of the Union? What are the topics you care about? Depart some wisdom on me. I like to hear it all. Just don’t tell me you hate Obama. I don’t care and that’s not constructive to the conversation. Give me some opinions, people.


One response to “Hot Topics

  1. I am glad you are watching and interested. At your age, I was not interested at all. I like that you are!
    From an economic prospective, I believe that we are at a major crossroad in history. More people are dependent on Government support than ever. For all the talk on taxing the rich our corporate tax rate is so high that many companies are shipping jobs over seas. We need to make the tax rate lower so these jobs come back here. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. That is not conducive to keeping jobs here. This is a easy fix in my opinion. There is a reason that for many years, we were the most free and wealthy nation in history. Free market and low governmental influence made it such that many people were able to live the American dream and become wealthy and successful. Government mandates and restrictions have made it so difficult that it is getting harder and harder for the average person to start a business and have success. I really believe that the less government gets involved, the better our economy will get. Reduce mandates and lower taxes on business and things will improve in my opinion.
    I totally believe in helping people that truly cannot help themselves. However, in our attempt to reduce sufferage in many people over the years we have created a welfare state that is out of control. I see people with no job, on welfare taking governement handouts coming into my place of work for free healthcare driving nicer cars that I have with I phones on their hip. I have seen poor people overseas and elsewhere and these people are not poor. That said, there is nothing wrong with helping folks that need it. However, instead of creating generations of people dependent on handouts we should develop training programs for folks and require them to get off the governement dole. Up to this point, our politicians have not been motivated because these people will always vote for the person most willing to give them something for nothing. I could go on and on but I will not. I like your blog and am glad you are thinking about it. You are so much smarter than I was at your age.

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