Awesome vs Not Awesome

Hey friends! How is everyone this fine and rainy Monday? Did everyone on the east coast survive Ice Storm 2012? We did…but it put a damper (no pun intended) on our weekend plans.

Not Awesome
We woke up early Saturday morning to traffic reports, slick roads, freezing rain and a jammed up I-95, meaning our plans to drive to Farmville for my bridesmaid dress fitting and weekend with the bestie were cancelled. Yes, there were tears and lots of walking outside to test the roads for slickness. But after talking to my dad and Marcus, we decided that it just wasn’t worth getting into a possible accident, especially since the freezing rain/snow was still coming down.

Because I was in such a sad state for missing out on a fun weekend, I decided to stay in my jammies all day and watch 1,000 episodes of Lost with Marcus and Bill. We ordered pizza. I took naps. It was laziness at its best.

Not Awesome
The laziness continued to Sunday and I didn’t go running all weekend. I blamed it on the bad weather, but it reality I was just being a bum and my head wasn’t in it.

I had a killer workout this morning and whipped my mind back into gear. I read this Tweet this morning from Runner’s World

“If you want to be a better runner, you’ve got to run more. It’s as simple as that. -Tom Fleming #MondayMotivation
No more lazy weekends for me. I have races to train for.
When we go down to Va Beach for the Virginia is for Lovers 14k, we are staying with one of Marcus’ best buddies and his wife. We haven’t seen them in ages and ages. After the race we are going to the ODU/VCU basketball game. On TV, basketball is a snoozefest. But in person, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. So excited.
We have three wedding-related appointments coming up this weekend. The wedding is getting more and more real by the day. It’s so insane and freaking amazing all at the same time. I’m trying to savor every moment because I will never have this feeling again. 🙂
Looks like Awesome won out. Here’s to having a great week! 🙂

One response to “Awesome vs Not Awesome

  1. Sometimes you just need those jammy weekends!

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