This and That

Goodness! I am glad it’s Friday. This has been the LONGEST week in America. That’s right…America. Maybe it’s the cold winter weather getting to me, or just that loooong stretch of time between now and the promise and excitement of spring…but I gotta say, I am SO thankful for the weekend.

I have one main reason for being excited and that reason is bridesmaids. Me and all the other BMs (not short for bowel movements) are getting measured for our dresses tomorrow. That means I get to see my best friend and all the other lovely ladies in her wedding party.

Marcus is coming along and we’re making a night of it. If girl talk, drinks and my best friend don’t cure a crappy week then nothing will.

It’s so weird to text Lu and get excited about our wedding plans. It’s so awesome that we are both getting married in the same year, but strange all the same. When we were crazy college girls, weddings were the last things on our minds…

In other news…I took a self-portrait with Bill.

He was not amused.

I also made low carb pizza crust out of cauliflower. Crazy right? I found the recipe on Pinterest (the site that keeps on giving.) It was originally posted here. I did my own thing of course when it came to measuring the ingredients, but was pretty happy with the results.

It’s not considered Paleo because I used 1/4 cup of cheese as a binding agent, but it is low carb which is a good alternative to those trying to watch their carb intake.

Marcus could not believe the crust was made with cauliflower. His first guess was quinoa. We both realllly liked this alternative to traditional flour crust. Next time, I will bake it longer initially. It fell apart when I tried cutting it. But even falling apart, cauliflower pizza is still darn good.

Have you guys ever seen these little gliding disks?

Image Detail

You put your feet on them and do all kinds of torturous acts like mountain climbers or one legged squats thingys. I’ve used them a million times, but it’s been a while. The instructor broke them out in class this morning and I left wanting to fall over. How do two little purple disks inflict such muscle quivering fatigue? Killer, but oh so good.

One last thing…I spilled coffee on my desk phone. Now it’s broken and I have phone calls to make. Is it the weekend, yet?

Have a fab one! 🙂


2 responses to “This and That

  1. I use paper plates instead of those gliders! Cheaper alternative 🙂

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