Go Away!

Well, I have finally worked up the energy to blog today. I hate to say it y’all, but I think I’m sick. I’m not on my death bed or anything, but a good ol’ fashioned cold is kicking my hiney. Since I don’t want to use any sick/vacation days, I have been sitting at work with a box of tissues, a huge jug of water and lots of positive thoughts. I am literally trying to will this cold away.

The worse of  it needs to be gone by tomorrow. It’s the weekend, darnit! I have a long run, grocery shopping and a Festivus party to get to tomorrow. I don’t have any time for this mess. And on top of that, I’m running my first 5k on Sunday. I am actually running with my new running watch mom got me and I’m excited to check out my splits and final 5k time.

Apparently, this week the sickest week of the year since it’s right after the holidays and your body is finally catching up with everything. Or it could have been all those random people I made out with on New Year’s…?

No randoms for me…just this guy!

I really don’t have much to say. I just wanted to check in. I also wanted to thank everyone who read and commented on yesterday’s post. It feels good to know that I have support and prayers throughout all BRCA craziness.

Have a good weekend! 🙂


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