It’s A New Year

It’s 2012, friends! How was everyone’s nights? Marcus and I stayed in after my race. We watched 100 episodes of Friday Night Lights, and we hung out with Bill.

My race went really well. It was only four miles, but for some reason I was still nervous. I guess I’ll always be nervous before races.


Marcus and I hung out at Panera before the race started to stay warm. Once the sun went down, it got pretty cold. After hanging out for a while, I walked to the start and lined up.

2011-12-31 17.46.02.jpg

The race started and ended very quickly. We ran in the dark which was pretty fun. I wish I would have worn light up accessories. Next year! The course was surprisingly challenging. There were lots of gradual hills that really got me. But it was fun. I was happy to see the finish line, worked up a good sweat, got my legs moving and ending 2011 on a good note. It was weird to spend 40 minutes running as opposed to multiple hours. But I liked it!

I think I prefer longer distances because I have a lot of endurance, but not a lot of speed. But I would definitely like to throw some shorter races into the mix into 2012. It was a fun way to change it up and I’m glad I ran it!

After the race, Marcus and I went to a nearby restaurant for supper. We had fun talking about our past new years’ together and also getting excited about our future plans.

2011-12-31 19.07.37.jpg

It was the perfect way to end 2011, and start 2012. And if that wasn’t enough, one of my best friends got engaged at midnight!

That means I’ll be in three weddings in 2012, including my own. I am SO excited for her and her fiance and can’t wait to get all of the celebrations started! 2012 has been so awesome already and it’s barely started.

I still have one more day off. I am going to enjoy it to the fullest…gym, cooking and relaxing with my little family! 🙂

Have a fab one!!


2 responses to “It’s A New Year

  1. I think your blog is amazing! In fact, it has inspired me to start running as well! I am training now and I hope to run the rock and roll half in va beach in september. I think Mac is gonna run it with me. If you are running it then we should have a mini softball reunion after the race. I wish you all the best luck with the new year! Give eveyone my love! Miss you tons!!!!!! 🙂

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