Chicken and Mushrooms

In an attempt to make something other than baked chicken and broccoli, I googled Paleo chicken recipes yesterday to find something new. While eating Paleo, there’s only so many ways you can be creative. Many of those ways include coconut oil or curry.

Well, Marcus doesn’t like coconut and I didn’t have any turmeric or coriander, so curry was out of the question. Plus, I kind suck at cooking with spices anyways which is why I stick to the basics.

So when I came across this simple tutorial, I was so excited to try it out. I was a little apprehensive at first. Chef John swore by this recipe, claiming that with just chicken and mushrooms and the right cooking methods, you can create an amazing dish.

I had to modify it of course based on the fact that I don’t own a stainless steel skillet. So here is what I did. Watch the original tutorial though if you want to recreate. It’s super simple and easy to follow.

6 boneless, skinless, organic chicken breast strips*
2 large handfuls of mushrooms
sea salt
ground pepper
olive oil
cooking spray
1 Tbs. cold butter
*Chef John uses chicken breasts with the skin still on and says it really adds to the flavor. I only had skinless, so that’s what I used.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Prepare deep skillet by heating 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat.

3. Prep chicken by seasoning it generously on both sides with salt and pepper.

4. When oil it hot, place chicken in skillet and let it cook unattended for 5 minutes.

5. After 5 minutes, flip chicken and add mushrooms to the sides.

6. After 5 more minutes of cooking, transfer chicken, mushrooms and juices to a greased pan.
*In the tutorial,  Chef John places the skillet directly in the oven. My skillets are not oven safe, so I had to transfer the chicken into a pan first.

7. Let chicken cook for 10 minutes. This will vary based on the size of your chicken.

8. Remove chicken and place on a plate to rest. Lightly cover with foil.

9. Transfer mushrooms and juices back into skillet with a pinch of salt and cook over medium heat to let the mushrooms cook down and release more flavor.

10. Add half a cup of water and keep cooking the mushrooms.

11. Once water has reduced by half, turn off heat and add cold butter.

12. The water, mushroom and chicken juice, and butter form a light sauce. Cook it all together until butter is completely melted.

13. Plate chicken and add pan sauce and mushrooms on top. Enjoy!

This recipe was super simple and required very easy ingredients. Chef John showed that cooking techniques can really enhance the flavor of food. While I did not follow his methods entirely, I think my chicken still came out really good.

I paired the chicken with a sweet potato for Marcus. He was scraping his plate clean by the time he was finished eating. He kept saying, “what’s in the sauce?” He was really happy that I made enough for leftovers for his lunch today. And when I asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight, he said, “that chicken you made last night.”

Recipe success! Today is my Friday. I’m looking forward to another 4 day weekend! 🙂

Have a fab one!


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