Christmas Roundup

Christmas is officially over and I’m back at work. Total bummer. I always enjoy the days leading up to Christmas more than the actual day. Once the day comes, it’s all kind of sad because it means it’s almost all over. But what a good day it was!

Marcus and I opened up our presents on Christmas Eve afternoon. Obviously, we still have that child-like excitement when it comes to gifts. We just couldn’t wait.

My big present to Marcus was an iPad 2. I’ve had it on layaway since October. I took every ounce of control I had to keep this gift a secret. He was so happy with it. I am too. We’ve both been playing with it non-stop.

His big present to me were my personalized Nike Frees. I needed new ones for my 2012 races. And he went a step further and designed and personalized them! How awesome are these babies?!

He also made sure to get me lots of running gear to match, all Under Armour. I am going to be one bright runner this season! 🙂

After Christmas movies and a relaxing night, we woke up Christmas morning and headed to my parents house. Over there, we had breakfast and MORE presents.

We had a ton of fun going around and opening up our gifts one by one. I think everyone was happy with what they got, but more than that we had some quality some together.

After a few hours over there, we had to switch gears and get ready for Christmas number two!

At Marcus’ mom’s house we had Christmas dinner with his whole family. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun. Marcus has a big family, so it’s always great to get together and just laugh and play games. It’s one of my favorite things about the holidays.

After all the food, presents, and excitement, I turned in early and slept in late. Every attempt I made at working out was halted by the idea of more sleep and more time to relax. Initially, I felt guilty but I figured one day of extreme laziness wouldn’t kill me. Marcus’ nephews spent the night and all four of us spent pretty much the whole day watching movies, eating and napping.

It was definitely a day of recharging and relaxing, which was much needed. But I have to admit, I was really happy to drink a protein shake this morning, pack a big salad for lunch and plan for a run today. Being back in the routine feels good!

And more than anything, I am just so happy and blessed to have such a wonderful family (x2) and fiance. I don’t know what I did to deserve these amazing people in my life, but I’m sure glad I have them. ❤

Have a fab one! 🙂


2 responses to “Christmas Roundup

  1. We are all blessed to have each other!! What a wonderful weekend! I love you!

  2. Josh has Call of Duty pajama pants, too! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas!!

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