Bitch Face

I was going to post today about a new recipe I tried last night. But that never happened. I got to work and have been in anxiety mode all day. Why the anxiety you ask? Because our company Christmas party is tonight in DC and I’m nervous.

I don’t blog about my job because a) many people have made that move and gotten fired for running their mouths too much about their company and b) I do keep some aspects of my life private from blog land. Weird I know.

Anywho, I have anxiety about tonight because sometimes I’m a little awkward and uncomfortable in social situations. Surprised? I know. But often times in situations where I’m not exactly at ease I give off this vibe and face. The vibe says, “don’t talk to me.” The face is called bitch face. I don’t mean to do it. It’s kind of a defense mechanism. In real life, I think I’m a pretty nice person.

I’m not a bitch. It’s just my face.

But if I’m even a little bit uncomfortable, the bitch face goes up. And while my co-workers are nice people, we are not exactly BFFs. So I am sure the wall followed by the face will make an appearance at the party tonight, whether I like it or not.

If I had a dollar for every stranger who told me to smile in my life, then I’d have A LOT of dollars. I don’t try to walk around with a mean mug. It just happens. I’m not thinking angry thoughts. And usually I’m in a fairly decent mood. A lot of times I’m in a hurry or frazzled because I have 100 errands to run. But I don’t try to look like I want to kick your puppy.

My best friend smiles. I don’t.

Growing up, I had SO many friends tell me that they thought I was mean when they first “met” me. AKA, they saw me, judged me, labeled me as mean, then were pleasantly surprised when I was a halfway decent person.

So if you see me in person, don’t automatically think I’m a bitch. It’s just my face.

Oh look…a smile!

Hopefully, I can control the face tonight and try to relax enough to mingle with co-workers and enjoy some free food.

Have a fab one!


2 responses to “Bitch Face

  1. First – please don’t kick my dog 😉 Second – you have a beautiful smile!! Third – your best friend smiles in every picture because my sexy pout isn’t so sexy after all! haha.. and finally, I miss youuuuu!!

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