Flashback Friday Playlist

Horray! It’s finally Friday. Was it just me, or was this week on big bag of suck? The weeks leading up to Christmas are always rough. All I want to do is make snow angels for a two hours, go ice skating, eat a whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough as fast as I can, and then snuggle, just like Buddy the Elf.

Unfortunately, I gotta be at work making them dollar dollar bills. So what better way to turn a craptastic week into a fantastic week? With a playlist of course – a Flashback Friday playlist to be exact.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

I had to begin this playlist with a throwback from my childhood. My dad is from Alabama. He loves classic rock. This song has been played many times over the years.

Come on Ride It (The Train) – Quad City Djs

What a ridiculously great song, that I almost forgot about. I remember dancing all around the gym to this song at our middle school dances. When I lived in Camp Lejeune, we had the BEST school dances. That’s where my love began for droppin it low and dancing all night long (or as late as middle school dances last).

Da Dip – Freak Nasty

Speaking of middle school dances. This was definitely one of the favorites among us 12 year olds. Who approved these songs? Jeez! It was fun to dance to, though.

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

My dad made sure we knew who Steppenwolf was at a very young age. I guess he wanted to make little classic rock enthusiasts out of my brother and me.  

Baby Love – The Supremes

If dad wants us to appreciate classic rock, then mom wanted to make sure we were exposed to Motown classics. I remember singing song after song in the car with her during long road trips to softball tournaments.

Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson

This will forever remind me of my childhood in Florida. This was the first song I remember learning in its entirety.

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

Who knows what the heck this song meant, or who the heck Chumbawaba was? The 90’s was such a weird decade. All I know is, I loved this song even if I didn’t understand it.

Ruff Ryders Anthem – DMX

Wow, talk about random taste in music! This song will always remind me of my brother. Everytime it came on MTV, we had to stop what we were doing and watch the whole music video. Plus, this is one of my favorite hype songs. So good.

Sippin on Some Syrup – 36 Mafia ft. UGK

Don’t click on this video, if you are offended easily. 36 Mafia is probably one of the most foul groups ever, but I love them. This song reminds me of high school volleyball practice in the summer time. The football team would sit in the hallway between two-a-days and play this song over and over. We could hear it from our practice in the gym. We may or may not have taken extra long water breaks so we could stop and talk to the boys. 😉

The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

My friend Maeghen and I would cruise around with Jimmy Eat World on full blast. We knew the whole “Bleed American” album by heart. We were 16 and our licenses burned holes in our pockets. We were always going somewhere.

Get Low – Lil Jon

I still remember the first time I heard this song. I was at Beach Week with my friends at the Outer Banks. I was 17 and we were out dancing somewhere. This song came on and it was over. I was obsessed for the rest of the summer. It became our anthem.

Number One – Nelly

I was IN LOVE with Nelly in college. I listened to this song before every single softball game. It got me in the zone and hyped me up.

Boom Boom – Britney Spears ft. Ying Yang Twins

This song transports me back to Freshman year of college. I would listen to it while getting ready to go out. This was pre-crazy Britney, back when she was hot and could actually dance.

My Humps – Black Eyed Peas

Ok, I have a total girl crush on Fergie. My friends and I would dance the you know what out of this song every time it came on. It was that song that made us all run to the dance floor (if we weren’t there already)!

Thank God I Found You – Mariah Carey, Nas and Jo

Marcus played this for me a few months after we started dating and it became “our song.” Every time I hear it, I remember being 20 and ridiculously, head over heels in love. It was such a new and crazy feeling. 🙂

Cupid Shuffle – Cupid

I know this song is old now. But every single time it comes on, no matter where we are, my friends and I all get up and dance. Nine times out of ten, we are the only ones dancing. We don’t care. We will dance anywhere.

OMG – Usher ft. Will. i. am

This was playing when I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon, so it will forever have a special place in my heart. I will never forget that feeling, or the push that this song gave me to finish strong.

There you have it – my Flashback Friday playlist. Now I hope the rest of the day goes by fast. I have a weekend to get started!! 🙂


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