Sometimes You Gotta

Ew, it’s another rainy day. Insert complaints here. It’s Wednesday. And on days like today…

Sometimes you gotta whine.

It took me almost two hours to get to work this morning. I had to get my allergy shots. And Bill woke me up at 3:30 because he wanted to eat – what an a-hole. Good thing I got my work out in, or I’d be a real Salty Sally.

Sometimes you gotta say screw healthy eating/Paleo/calories and order pizza.

I don’t remember the last time we ordered Papa John’s. It’s been close to a year, I’m sure. Last night, it sounded good. And I’m not going to get all dainty on you and say I had one piece and a salad. I had three pieces. It was great.  

Sometimes you gotta hold your cat like a baby and sing to him.

The song goes like this, “You’re my little baby. You’re my little baby.” He hates it. I love it.

Sometimes you just gotta flip your lid when your freshly clean stove top looks like this.

Somebody  requested chicken for lunch because he was “tired of tuna.” So being the good fiance I am, I made it for him and dirtied up my stove. It’s ok to call him spoiled.

Sometimes you gotta admit that you’re spoiled too.

insert picture of shiney, new tires here

Marcus randomly decided to buy new tires for my truck, get them put on and fill up my gas tank. Who am I to ask questions? Just smile and accept fabulous favors.

Sometimes you gotta laugh at ridiculous things.

Image Detail

Someone found my blog by searching for, “long poop.” That. is. awesome. So is Mr. Hankey.

Sometimes you gotta pee your pants with excitement.

Two of my best friends are coming to visit this weekend. I’m so excited! What? You ain’t cool, unless you pee your pants.

And since I have talked about bodily functions enough for today, have a fab one! 🙂


One response to “Sometimes You Gotta

  1. Wish I was coming up this weekend too 😦 but I got asked to babysit sat too so…I need the xmas cash lol! And about the singing to your pet, David gives Sparta a “Good morning to you…good morning to you” song EVERY damn morning! ugh…miss you tons!

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