Tacky Tuesday

It’s Tacky Tuesday, yall. Ok, not really. It’s just regular ol’ rainy Tuesday. But over the weekend we went to a tacky sweater Christmas party. Have any of you guys ever been to one of those? It was quite hilarious to see the outfits that people put together.

I bought Marcus an XL button up sweatshirt from the women’s section of a thrift store along with a Santa hat from Walmart. His sweat shirt was too small which added to the tackiness. I bought myself a button up denim shirt complete with reindeer embroidery from the thrift store. I paired it with jeans (Denim Dan!) and some Christmas accessories. Tacky couple, indeed.

Everyone went all out with the tacky Christmas theme. It was great. I love theme parties.

And on a completely un-tacky note, Marcus is doing super awesome with his Paleo diet. He isn’t completely Paleo. He does have some cheat foods/meals every now and then. But for the most part he has stayed on track and it shows!

He talked to a diabetic specialist and found that he has lost 10 pounds since his last doctor appointment. The specialist says she is going to do more research on Paleo though because he needs to be careful with eating too much fat.

I think it’s been a pretty interesting journey so far. Most days, he only has to take his insulin once or twice as compared to six times a day, pre-Paleo. Cooking meals for him has been a bit of a challenge. There are only so many ways to prepare meat and vegetables. But I try to keep it interesting.

Last night, I made him sauteed shrimp in soy sauce, garlic and pepper with asparagus and sesame seeds, along with a baked sweet potato topped with butter and brown sugar (toppings not Paleo).

Preparing his meals definitely takes effort and planning, but I think it’s worth it if it helps him manage his diabetes. The real test will be to see if his glucose levels have dropped the next time he has blood work done.

A big THANKS to all those who read my post yesterday and shared your experiences with me. I am just ready to move on and start the 2012 race season. I am also looking for a local-ish April half marathon if anyone has any suggestions!

Thanks and have a fab day! 🙂


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