A Family Tradition

Every year, dad and I pick out the family Christmas tree. It’s our tradition. Years ago, Tyler used to be part of the outing, but I think he lost interest. So it became a task that dad and I tackled on our own.

Last year, we let mom come along to observe only

We go to the same tree lot at a church by my old high school. Then we slowly walk up and down the aisles until a tree “speaks to us.” We never disagree on the tree. We always find the right one for us. Then we carry it to the trimming station, cut off any unnecessary branches and take it to his pickup truck to bring home. It’s a funny tradition, but one I enjoy. Dad and I our serious about our trees.

Even though I live in my own house now, we still go to the tree lot together. We just pick out and buy two trees instead of one. And because my dad is awesome, he buys my tree too. 🙂

Once we get the tree home, it sits in the stand for a few days until the limbs settle. Then it’s time to decorate. In the meantime, mom stays busy by turning the house into a Christmas wonderland. As a kid, one of my favorite things was to come home from school and see the house magically transformed. It instantly filled me with Christmas spirit.

Mom’s nutcrackers are some of my favorite decorations

Oh look, more nutcrackers…including the one I brought her back from Germany

As I mentioned before, every year Tyler and I get a new ornament to add to the tree. As a result, our tree is a big collection of random – old elementary school picture ornaments, broken ornaments from our childhood that we are too sentimental to let go, ornaments from our travels, and of course our ornaments from mom.

Our dog, Angel got a hold of this one

Pets get ornaments too

Nice bowl haircut

25 year anniversary ornament

Ornament from Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

Last year, I got a stand mixer ornament because I was finally getting interested in cooking and baking. The year before, I got a pirate ship decorated with Christmas lights that my mom bought in San Diego.

Tyler and I are responsible for hanging out ornaments. Mom and dad hang the ones they have gotten each other over the years as well as any that we have acquired along the way. Pretty much every ornament comes with a story or good memory.

Decorating the tree as a family is always fun. It’s a tradition that I hope we can carry on for years no matter where we are in our lives. This is why I’ll never have a matchy matchy tree. I love the look of our hodge podge, colorful tree. It’s like a scrapbook…in tree form. 🙂


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