O Christmas Tree

How’s that for a totally obvious title for a post about my Christmas tree? Ah well, my titles may not be sparkly but my tree sure is!

First off, I don’t understand people who say it’s “too warm” outside to put up a tree. Christmas is Christmas no matter what the weather is like. Shoot, I’d put our tree up in October if I could. Celebrate and stop worrying if it’s too early. It’s fun!

Growing up, mom always bought my brother and I an ornament to hang on the tree. It always had something to do with what we were interested in at the time. So over the years we accumulated a lot of baseball/softball, football and basketball themed ornaments. We also have lots of movie, superhero and hobby ornaments. It’s fun to hang up each ornament and remember the significance and why she picked it out.

I am determined to keep this tradition alive now that Marcus and I are becoming our own family. So I buy him an ornament every year and when we have kids, I’ll do the same for them.

Marcus’ Vegas ornament, a glitter filled blow fish and an old school photo ornament

I also like to buy ornaments that reflect my interests. Needless to say, I have lots of beach themed and glitter ornaments.

Myrtle beach ornaments…our favorite vacation spot and engagement location

Marcus’ “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” ornament, a martini glass from my bestie, and a turtle family

When we had our first tree together, two years ago, I bought out Target’s supply of glitter, metallic ornaments. I love the neon look. The more flash, the better. It’s not really traditional. But I’m like a raccoon. Show me something sparkly, and I’m instantly drawn to it.

I bought these huge glitter feathers from the dollar store this year. I’m in love. Don’t sleep on the dollar store, y’all. They have legit, cheap Christmas decorations.

I also love buying ornaments out of season then being surprised when I bring out the Christmas stuff. I forgot I bought these hand painted balls in Alabama last winter. Roll Tide!

I think buying ornaments when you’re traveling is a good idea for a souvenir. Because every time you hang it on the tree, you will have a good memory attached to it. 

I had to keep the tall guy around for tree-topping duties.

Good looking tree, good looking man 😉

Here is where I try to get artsy. You can’t go wrong with Christmas lights. They make everything more festive.

Now I have a whole month to enjoy our tree.

I love this time of year! 🙂

Bill loves the tree too. He hasn’t tried to mess with it too much…yet! But he slept underneath it again last night. Maybe it makes him feel like he’s in the wild? Who knows. Hopefully, he keeps loving it and doesn’t decide that it’s a toy.

Have a fab one!


One response to “O Christmas Tree

  1. I love this! All your tree things look so very cool too!!

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