The Aftermath

Happy Friday! Did everyone survive their turkey days, or are you still stranded on the couch, or maybe on top of the cabinet?

We had a successful day. After a 7am spin class, I got to work making mashed potatoes, Brussels and pumpkin roll. Apparently I went to the Paula Deen school of mashed potato making…

sour cream, cream cheese AND butter…the oppsite of healthy but the equivalent of delish. I used this recipe from

Cleaning Brussels when you are in a hurry is the biggest pain in the butt. But it was worth it. They were sautéed in bacon grease and butter. Channeling Paula again…

Lunch at the rents’ house was fabulous as usual. Mom put together an awesome spread of food only 2 weeks after surgery. She’s awesome. 🙂

My favorite dishes were the turkey and sweet potato casserole.

After a few hours of eating and socializing and cat picture taking, it was time to see our other family.

More food…

and a dessert competition.

We were both way too stuffed to eat too much. But I made sure to eat my share of homemade mac and cheese and salad. Marcus’ sister also made cake pops, which turned out to be my favorite dessert of the day.

The night ended with everyone at our house, passed out on the couch after hours of playing Call of Duty and eating leftovers. Not a bad way to spend the day if you ask me. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


One response to “The Aftermath

  1. Wow sounds like you were super busy!! We did dinner at my parents and dessert with his parents. How do you do two dinners? I bet it was nice though! I love the family time!

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