Paleo and Me

For all those who read yesterday’s post…thanks! I have really enjoyed researching and reading up on the rules of the Paleo diet.

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So while I’m talking about it, let’s discuss why I am not taking the Paleo route with Marcus. As you all know, I am a vegetarian. While I am hesitant to label myself (because I do eat meat occasionally), for all intents and purposes I will call myself a vegetarian.

As we discussed yesterday, the Paleo diet relies heavily on meat protein. Beans, whole grains, and soy-based products (tempeh, tofu) are a no go. As a vegetarian on Paleo, my diet would be very limited. I would only be able to eat veggies, fruit, eggs, nuts and healthy fats. This is super limiting and not very sustainable.

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While I like that the Paleo diet focuses on whole foods in their original form, I am a bit turned off by the large amount of meat consumption in the diet. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat. I was raised in a very meat and potatoes household.

But I made the decision almost a year ago to go meat and mostly dairy free, and I am sticking to it.

Sometimes I struggle to remember what caused me to make this decision. As I mentioned before, I make a huge effort to buy food from “good” sources. But unless I visit the farm myself, there is no guarantee that I am eating what the company claims I am eating.

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There are lots of reasons I go meat-free. But overall, they all kind of blend together. I just don’t agree with factory farming – which is essentially stuffing too many animals into a confined space with no access to nature, pumping them full of antibiotics because they are packed in so tight that diseases are easily spread. Also, the animals must be fattened up quickly using hormones because time is money. Then they are butchered in a inhumane way with no thoughts or feelings towards health or safety (to both the animals or humans). Then the product is shipped all around the US with a sticker of a happy cow on the front. And you (I) think, oh this cow must have lived a great life in the sun, eating grass. (I am not saying this is how ALL companies do it. There are legit companies out there but you get the idea)

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Now I am not here to go all PETA on you. Eat what you want. Who am I to say this is bad, this is good. All I know is, I keep these things in mind when it comes to what I eat.

My mom was raised in Kansas. Every morning, they would collect freshly-layed eggs. When they had chicken for dinner, grandma went out and killed one that was running around the farm.

One of my first memories of visiting Kansas is of my grandpa trying to convince my brother and I to go collect eggs for breakfast. This is how I think it should be. Grow and raise what you eat. Unfortunately, that is not possible for most people in the US.

I have deviated from the topic a little bit…

So, Paleo isn’t really for me and my beliefs right now. Am I saying it’s a bad diet? Heck no. Am I saying I’ll never eat meat again? No way. Regardless of our diets and beliefs, I will continuously make an effort to purchase the best food that I can for our bodies and minds. I have lots of room for improvement, that’s for sure. But I am trying every day to make better food choices.

And that’s what I think is important. Be aware. Be knowledgable. Make an effort to know what went into your food and where it came from. Because at the end of the day, you only get one body. So why not treat it right?

Was this post rambly enough for you? How about this for some light news…

I turn 26 tomorrow! Let the fun begin! 🙂


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