It’s November 11, 2011…make a wish! Is that how it works? I don’t know. But, I’ll go ahead and wish anyways. Come on Lady Luck!

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First off, thanks for all the kind words and prayers about my mom’s surgery. She was able to go home last night. She sounds really good and says she feels a lot better after this surgery then her pervious one’s. I’m going over there tonight after work. I know all your good vibes and well wishes helped. Keep em coming!! 🙂

You thought I forgot didn’t you? I didn’t talk about it yesterday, but it was the Marine Corps Birthday. Of course I didn’t forget! November 10, 1775 will be forever ingrained in my head, seeing as that my brother is a Second Lieutenant, oh and I ran this crazy hard race called the Crossroads 17.75k.

Happy Birthday Marines. Semper Fi!

It’s also Veteran’s Day. I come from a big ol’ family of veterans.



Uncle John



Thank you, veterans and current active duty men and women for all that you do to support and protect this country. I am proud to come from a family of veterans. You guys all deserve appreciation, not just today but every day of the year.

One last thing…from 11:00am to 11:00pm today, all Rock n Roll races are $20 off. I plan on signing up for RnR DC promptly at 11:00am.

Along with RnR DC, I am signing up for the Virginia if for Lovers 14k. Actually, Marcus is paying for the race registrations as a birthday present for me. I remember when I used to want Coach bags and Tiffany jewelry for my birthday. Now I just want race registrations and running gear. 😉

Ok, this is really the last thing…Starbuck holiday cups are out! Now, can Christmas trees hurry up and go on sale?! I’m ready to decorate!

Have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend! ❤


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