Must See TV

Yesterday, I talked about some of the TV shows Marcus and I HAVE to watch every week. Well, that was not a complete list. Who doesn’t like discussing mindless topics like TV every now and then? Especially when there are SO many good shows on right now.

So I am here to break it down for you…because I am cool like that and because you care about what I watch…(right).

The Walking Dead

I discussed this yesterday, but I think this show is my favorite this season. The Walking Dead sealed its first place position by the twist they threw into last week’s episode. I won’t ruin for you, but let’s just say…I didn’t see it coming.

American Horror Story

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I think this has been my second favorite show so far. The story line is just messed up beyond words. Plus, I like how we don’t know who’s a ghost, who’s dead and how are they all connected. I get creeped out if I watch it alone. Scary business, for sure.

Sons of Anarchy

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I like this show for two reasons – Jax and Gemma. Ok, that’s a lie. I love this show for everything – the story, the bikes, the setting (NorCal is beautiful)…Jax is just the perfect eye candy and Gemma is a baddass biker momma. This season has been a little slow, but it’s definitely starting to pick up.


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This is a new show this season, and I am hooked. The fact that a POW can come home brainwashed is such an interesting and scary concept. Plus, I like how it’s set here in Northern VA/DC. This week’s episode had a particularly good ending. I can’t wait to see what happens!


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Clearly, Marcus and I like the creepy, suspenseful shows. This is the only time where you will pull for the killer. Dex only murders bad people, so it’s ok, right? Not really…but you can’t help loving him despite the fact that he’s really messed up.

Once Upon a Time

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Who doesn’t love a good fairytale. I love how all the characters we know and love are trapped in a normal town with normal lives and have no idea who they really are. It’s an awesome concept and I am really looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds. Plus, I think Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) is just adorable.


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Another show based on fairy tales, except we meet more ominous characters like the big bad wolf and the three bears. They are disguised as regular people and do their bad deeds under the radar. I don’t know how long this show will last, but I am enjoying is so far.

Dancing With the Stars

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I love this show, but only after the first few weeks once the stars gain a little bit of experience. I mostly like watching for the costumes and the pros. I love watching the pros dance. My favorites are Lacey Schwimmer and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. This season, I am rooting for either Ricki Lake or JR Martinez to win it all. They are both killing it right now, and my heart melts every time JR dances. He’s an inspiration for sure.


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This season has been kinda eh for me. The storylines seem to be getting more and more farfetched. But I can’t deny that I love the music. Brittany’s one-liners are the best. And I am interested to see what happens with the Puck/Shelby romance. I DIE for Idina Menzel.

There are some other shows thrown in there – The Rachel Zoe Project (it’s over for this season), Jersey Shore (finished until January), Millionaire Matchmaker…pretty much everything on Bravo, and America’s Next Top Model. As you can see, I love the trashy and the suspenseful.

What is your favorite TV show? Is there a show you can’t miss?

Our all-time favorite show that we can watch over and over again is 24. Jack Bauer for President!

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Any Jack Bauer fans out there?


And on a more serious note, please send prayers and love to my mom for tomorrow. She is having one last and final (fingers crossed) breast surgery in the morning. I will talk more about it tomorrow, but just keep her in your thoughts please.<3

Have an awesome day! 😀


One response to “Must See TV

  1. Josh and I love American Horror Story, Dexter, and Sons! Josh also likes Homeland (I just haven’t been able to stay up and watch it!). I bet he would like the Walking Dead…I’ll have to talk to him about it!

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