Veggiefied Pasta

I was kind of hating on the fact that it was pitch black outside by the time I got off work yesterday. But there’s something about it being dark outside that gives me the perfect excuse to go home, cook a fab dinner, then relax and watch Dexter.

Which is exactly what I did! Waking up at 4:00am to workout gives me a reason to be lazy at night, right? So for now, I am not totally disliking daylight savings. I’m sure it will all change once it’s the dead of winter and it feels dark and gloomy 24/7.

Last night, I made TJ’s pesto filled tortellini with lots of sautéed veggies and ground turkey. I had a bunch of veggies to use up and thought, why not chop ’em all up and serve them with the pasta. I used black olives, onion, mushrooms and kale. Perfect combo, if you ask me!

I tried banishing Bill to chair jail, but he’s big enough now to hop on the counter without assistance from the chair. Notice his tail whipping around. He was in a sneaky, playful mood.

When my back was turned, the little thief stole a piece of kale from the counter and chased it all around the house like it was a toy.

Kale cat! This kept him entertained for a good 30 minutes. He had no interest in eating it. He just wanted to toss it in the air and hit it around, on the floor. He’s so silly!

 While Bill was playing with the kale, I was cooking it.

Marcus and I both love this tortellini from TJ’s. The pesto filling is the best part.

After dinner (and football for Marcus, DWTS for me), we watched Dexter. I’m sure it was a good episode, but I fell asleep about half way through. I am a morning person for sure. I just can’t stay awake at night, including on weekends.

Has anyone been watching Dexter this season? Out of all the shows we HAVE to watch every week  – Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Homeland, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, I would have to say The Walking Dead has been my favorite. This season has definitely kept me interested and engaged week after week!

Have a fab Tuesday! 🙂


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