A Free Weekend

This weekend, we had absolutely nothing to do and it was glorious!! I don’t remember the last time we had a free weekend. I took my time tackling my to-do list: run, grocery shop, pedicure and wax, clean, laundry, nap, catch up on TV…

On Saturday, I had an amazing 6 mile run on the George Washington Parkway. It was a great, but uncharacteristic run.

Uncharacteristic because I ran in my glasses. Anyone who knows me knows I hate wearing my glasses. But my eyes have been freakishly rejecting my contacts lately, so I’ve been rocking the 4-eyes. My glasses totally skew my depth perception, so that makes running and walking in general very interesting.

Glasses or not, I had this incredible view during part of my run. How can anyone not feel better after running so close to our nation’s capital with planes flying overhead. I love this city. šŸ™‚

It was also uncharacteristic because I actually picked people off to pass on the trail. This is unheard of for me. I run strictly to stay in shape and clear my head. I am not a competitive runner whatsoever. I guess my awesome view gave me a little more juice, because I was not satisfied with having anyone in front of me. I felt pretty badass.

I other running new, on Sunday Geoffrey MutaiĀ of Kenya and Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia were the winners of the New York City Marathon. Marcus, Bill and I camped out in the living room all morning and watched the whole race.

The speed of these elite runners is just out of control. I was blown away by their athleticism and focus. The women’s race was particularly exciting because Dado pulled out the win at the last mile or so after trailing Mary KeitanyĀ the whole race. MutaiĀ broke the course record. He did the same thing in Boston back in April. Just freakin awesome.

There were over 47,000 runners in the marathon. It was so cool to watch. And so motivating that I changed out of my pj’s and did a quick hilly run around the hood. Thanks NYC Marathon for the push!

King Bill decided that the toilet was his new nap spot.

Since he has me wrapped around his little paw, I let him nap and used the guest bathroom until he got up.

I got the Christmas carols in full swing. I’m ready for the holidays! šŸ™‚

Have a fab one!


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