One Time

One time I saw Jay Z in concert. It was in 2004. I was 18 years old and had just finished my first year of college. Jay was the main act at HFStival, which was super random considering every other band there was alternative rock and punk music.

I didn’t mind though. I loved me some Jay Z. My friend Maeghen and I were down on the field we he came on stage along with Swizz Beatz. We almost got trampled to death by the crowd, but held our diamonds up like a faithful fan should.

Along with Jay Z, we saw Fall Out Boy, Papa Roach, The Offspring, Yellowcard, P.O.D, O.A.R, Taking Back Sunday and the Violent Femmes, among other amazing bands.

We met Jay Popoff from Lit,

and Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory. This was by far, the most amazing moment of my young life.

Maeghen and I got his autograph. And then I died. NFG was and still is one of my favorite bands of all time.

One time, my friend Caitlin and I camped out for concert tickets for my 15th birthday.

Why we camped out…I don’t know. We could have easily just woke up in the morning and bought tickets. But camping out seemed like an adventure and we froze our buns off in a tent all night. *Thanks mom and dad for letting me do these ridiculous things and buying all those concert tickets. 🙂

In that concert we saw, Blink 182, Crystal Method, Coldplay, System of a Down and Puddle of Mud. A) I wish I was old enough to appreciate the amazingness that is Coldplay. B) I will never forget crowd surfing during Blink 182. Mark Hoppus stopped the show and told all the boys to stop feeling up the girls who were crowd surfing. My 15 year old self thanks you, Mark.

One time, I went to a Kenny Chesney concert just to tail gate. I didn’t have a chance to buy a ticket. I left as Sugarland was coming on stage. Does that count?

I’ve been to lots of concerts in my day. Along with those already mentioned, I’ve also seen Greenday, Incubus, Cyprus Hill, Lonestar, My Chemical Romance, Pete Yorn and Good Charlotte to name a few.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show…

That is all about to change.

Tomorrow night, Marcus and I will be seeing Jay Z and Kanye West…live…in person…

I am dying! I’ve been obsessively reading concert reviews and listening to Watch the Throne non-stop. I know the show will be amazing. I know they will both bring it. I. cannot. wait.

Be ready for more Jay Z/Kanye West talk for the rest of the week. When something exciting is happening in my life, I talk about it a lot.

Have a fab one! 🙂


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