Race Volunteer

I have pre-race jitters today and I’m not even racing this weekend. You know who is racing? Thousands and thousands of runners who all trained for months to tackle the Marine Corps Marathon. Just thinking about gives me the chills. To work so hard at something, the hours and hours spent running in all types of weather, through sickness, injuries and holidays – every single person running this race is amazing and inspiring.

I decided to sign mom and me up as volunteers about a month ago. I caught marathon fever and since I’m not running the race, I thought why not volunteer?

I am beyond excited to go to the Pentagon on Sunday and get caught up in the anticipation of race morning. Mom and I will be working the baggage drop. I have never checked baggage at a race, but I am assuming it will be a pretty easy, straight forward task.

After our volunteer duties, we are going to hop on the metro and go to some of the spectator spots and cheer on the runners. I have also never been race spectator, so I’m super amped for that too.

Running is such an individual thing. You cannot blame a bad run on another runner. You are solely responsible for your level of training and dedication to the sport. That being said, I have never seen something unite people so much as running does. Despite being an individual sport, the running community is extremely tight and supportive. It’s amazing how a sport that it so solitary can bring people from all walks of life together.

I’m sure I will probably get a little emotional. 26 miles is pretty freakin far (not that I would know!) On Sunday morning, men and women from all over the world, of all ages and races and backgrounds, will be conquering 26.2 miles. Again…chills.

So if you read this and see me, come say hi! I am SO excited to come and support all you marathoners. And good luck! Every single one of you is an inspiration.

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Now go eat some carbs and kick some ass. See you Sunday! 🙂


2 responses to “Race Volunteer

  1. I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005 and it was REALLY cool — well-organized, and definitely inspirational. On behalf of all those runners, Thank You for volunteering!!

  2. Thanks for reading! Volunteering is the least I can do. I’ve had so many awesome volunteers help me through my races. I am just excited to be there this weekend. I love the thrill of a race!

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