Thursday Things

Thursday things…because who isn’t a fan of alliteration? I was MIA yesterday – a) because I didn’t have much to talk about and b) I was busy with some stressful/exciting plans. 

You may have noticed that I haven’t really divulged any wedding details on the blog. This is mainly because we don’t have any plans set in stone and I’d rather not reveal plans until I know for sure that it’s happening. So hopefully, within the next few days I can share some ideas and get excited.

In non-wedding news – I made a taco casserole thingy last night. It was a simple meal, but oh so good.

First I cooked a few chicken breast strips in a skillet with olive oil, onion and minced garlic. Once the chicken was cooked through, I added black beans, corn, taco seasoning and peppers. I saved time by cooking everything in our big electric pan and just kept the chicken on one side for Marcus. This is probably technically considered non-vegetarian, but I’m honestly not that strict and didn’t feel like washing the extra dishes.

Once all the ingredients were cooked and heated, I scooped our portions into separate pans and covered with multi grain tortilla chips and a bit of cheddar.

I let it all heat in the oven for about six minutes until the cheese was melty. I served mine on top of romaine lettuce, taco salad style, and topped with sour cream and salsa. Easy and delish!

As always, Bill stayed near-by. ❤

I’m SO happy the weekend is near! I’m looking forward to a long run, chilly weather, lots of relaxing, scary movies and volunteering the Marine Corps Marathon with Momma!

Have a great one!


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