College Days

It’s Homecoming weekend! I know. I know. I have talked about it ad nauseum this week. But it’s my blog, so I do what I want! 🙂

Tomorrow is bound to be ridiculous. It is our goal to:

Get white girl wasted. I don’t really know what this means. But it probably looks something like this.

Party like we’re 19 again. This was us at 19…or maybe 20.

Recreate Germany and Oktoberfest.

Done, done and done.

And if my parents are reading, we are going to do none of these things. We will be touring Simpson Library and visiting all our old study spots. 😉

But for real though, Mary Washington is pretty much a nerdy, liberal arts school. Even the athletes are really smart and studious.

So I can’t imagine what my college days would have been like if I went to an actual party school! Actually, it would have sucked. Because then I would have never met the loves of life and best friends in the world.

Partying aside, I really did cherish my time at UMW. I got a great education, took some amazing classes, learned from some of the most brilliant professors and met some awesome people.

I can’t wait to get my feet back on Campus Walk and lay my eyes on that gorgeous campus. UMW here we come! 🙂



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