As Rachel Zoe Says, “I Die”

I LOVE Rachel Zoe and her Zoeisms. Along with “I die,” some favorites include – “ba-na-nas,” “loves it,” and “ohmygod.”

She’s so ridiculous. I “literally” love her.

I caught up with her latest episode, last night. You know, the one where she gave birth. Except they never actually showed her in labor or showed a baby coming out of her vagine. I am not 100% convinced that she really birthed nugget Skyler, because she was about 90 pounds during her entire pregnancy.

But whatever, she’s fabulous so I really don’t care. Pillow baby or real baby, the episode made me teary eyed. I am a sap for all things baby and wedding related. I hope Rachel and Rog have 10 more pillow babies because how cute are teeny tiny baby designer shoes?

I die.

Another thing I die for? This pizza we had last night. It was rainy and gross out and I didn’t know what to cook for dinner, so we had a date night in and ordered pizzas and salad from our fave little Italian place, Pane e Vino.

Love. I could eat pizza every day of my life, so I was supremely satisfied with our supper. After stuffing our faces, we watched Homeland. Anyone else watching this show? I want so bad to root for Sgt. Brody, but he is just a shady, messed up dude.

I went running during lunch today. It was so necessary. Life has been kicking me in the balls this week (figuratively speaking). That run was just what I needed to chill the frick out. My legs sucked for half a mile, but then I found my happy place and just ran and it was grand.

 I felt like I could have just kept running and running. But I had to get back to that pesky thing called work. Running at George Mason’s track always makes me miss college.

Good thing I’m going back on Saturday. Keg stands  and cupid shuffle for everyone!



One response to “As Rachel Zoe Says, “I Die”

  1. Ashey (York) Venable

    I have a lot of miserable memories of that track so I am glad you are enjoying it!! 🙂 xoxo You go girl!!

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