Easy and Fun

This post is dedicated to two things – an easy dinner and fun things coming up in the land of Delish World.

First the meal. Last night, I made Jessica’s Baked Mac and Cheese Cupcakes, organic pork sausage (for Marcus) and roasted broccoli.

I followed Jessica’s recipe exactly except I used frozen corn and peas, gluten-free noodles, panko bread crumbs, cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese. The best thing about this recipe is that you can use whatever noodles, veggies and cheese you have and create all kinds of awesome combos.

After constructing the cupcakes, I had to step back and admire my work. Little noodlely, cheesy cupcakes…so cute.

 While the cupcakes and broccoli baked, I pan-fried the sausages for Marcus. The meal came together in no time. I love when that happens!

Lunch for today also came easy – leftovers to the rescue! I love food the second time around. I am the leftover queen.

Onto the fun stuff. These next few months are going to be great and not just for the usual reasons like my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This weekend, I will be reunited with my besties for Homecoming! I cannot wait to see them and have all kinds of girlie talk about weddings and dresses. Oh, and take shots of Parrot Bay and be the only one’s dancing everywhere we go.

The Watch the Throne concert is quickly approaching. Jay Z is my favorite artist of all time. I’m pretty much dying over this concert.

 Mom and I are going to see Jersey Boys at the end of November. We are both huge nerds for musicals. We can’t wait to sing along.

 Oh yea, I’m turning 26 in less than a month. I’m not one to trip about getting older. Bring it on! I’m just ready for presents and fun! 🙂

 Christmas present buying and planning pretty much starts now. I LOVE shopping for presents. I already have some good ideas in the works. I hope I can just keep my mouth shut until then. I’m the worst at keeping good presents a secret!

What are you looking forward to? Have a fab one! 🙂


2 responses to “Easy and Fun

  1. Hey Taylor It’s Jessica (Corey’s Wife) this looks delicious… I want to try this.. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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