Running Thoughts

As we all know, I’m not fast. I may not be fast, but my brother is. So when we run together, I know I am in for a lung bursting sprint and he is in for a casual jog. Because no exaggeration, my kicking ass pace is his easy pace.

So when he suggested we go for a run Sunday morning, I knew I was in for a workout. I suggested we do two loops around my hood for a total of five miles. I wanted to keep a bathroom near-by because I’ve had far too many close calls on our runs together.

As soon as Ty got to my house, we set off in the chilly darkness at a fairly quick pace. I knew my fresh legs would soon rebel because within the first half mile is a long, steep hill that usually makes me want turn around and go home.

So while we sprinted jogged along, I decided to keep my mind busy with random thoughts. Running is just a mental game after all. Here are some of the ridiculous things that kept me from punking out:

“I feel great. This cool weather is perfect. I love running. Who else is out here at 7am on a Sunday? We’re awesome.”

a little while later…

“I wonder what song Ty is listening to? This hill is never-ending. Damn you Pandora. Oh, thank God we got to the top of the hill. I’m breathing really hard. I wonder if I sound out of shape. How come that hill wasn’t hard for him?”

My Pandora shuffle was giving me all Christmas songs and John Legend slow jams. Not the best for running. But I was wearing gloves and didn’t feel like fumbling with my phone.

“Ah, sweet, sweet down hills. I love running again. My neighborhood is pretty. Look at the sun coming up. It’s so beautiful. I have to go to the bathroom.”

Running moves digestion right along. After a pit stop by the house, we started on loop number two in the opposite direction.

“Ew, the golf course stinks. It feels like I’m breathing in toxic fumes. Oh look another hill. I hate this hill. It’s so hard. Why is my neighborhood so hilly? I love the marina. Those big houses are nice. I wonder if Marcus and I will ever live in a house that big.”

After a short down hill and 1/4 mile of flat road…

“I actually don’t mind this hill. It’s the last hill of the run. Then we’re almost home. This song sucks. Tyler is really fast. My knees are hurting. F*ck this hill.  This is hard. Why are my legs so tight?”

After a nice downhill break, we hit flat road for about half a mile and finished up with a hard sprint right up to the house.  

That’s the thing about running. No matter how difficult it is at the time, I always finish smiling and feeling good. It was a nice challenging run made even more challenging because I was running with my brother. I like working out with him because he always pushes me hard. There is no quitting when we work out together.

The distance wasn’t far but the pace and course made up for it. I knew that I pushed my legs and lungs hard and I think that’s important in becoming a better athlete and better runner.

The rest of the day was spent running errands, cleaning and relaxing with my boys.

We had buffalo crock pot chicken/baked tofu, brussels sprouts and homemade mashed potatoes for supper.

Bill had a rough day of taking approximately 20 naps. We finished up the night by watching the Walking Dead premier. It was awesome! I am SO glad this show is back – just in time for Halloween too. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Have a fab one!


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