Search Engine Terms

With my blog stats, I can see what people Google to land on Delish World. Most of the time they are pretty standard. A lot of people get led to DW when searching for recipes for tilapia, tostadas, turkey meatballs and Nike Free running shoes.

Every now and then though, I will get some really bizarre and random searches. Here are some good ones:

skin like butter heidi klum – While I’m sure Heidi’s skin is indeed like butter, I do not know how much info you will find about it on here.

spandex too tight  – I feel your pain. Sometimes my spandex are indeed too tight, which is why I swear by the cotton. There is nothing tight about cotton.

the boys from dam neck – I do not know who these boys are that they are referring to. This is the only boy I met in Dam Neck (a Navy base in Va Beach)…a turtle named Little Bit!

 thin adele – I do love me some Adele. But thin Adele? No way. She is perfect just the way she is. Hataz be damned!

chuck norris never beat the wilson bridge – It’s true. He hasn’t.

kid brother stud – Well, my kid brother is a stud (and a Marine!) Maybe the person who did this Google search would agree?

This one isn’t bizarre or funny, but it has been prevalent lately.

my positive brca1 test results and brca 1 test results – I hope whoever is out there searching for information about being BRCA1 positive finds something worthwhile on DW. And if anyone ever wants to talk or email directly, contact me – It’s pretty scary stuff and super overwhelming to get positive test results, so I can definitely relate.

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!! 🙂


One response to “Search Engine Terms

  1. Hahaha too funny!!! Those searches are quite bizarre!

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