Do Something Good

Do something good today. Smile at a stranger. Offer your seat to an older person standing on the metro. Hold the door open for someone. Wash the dishes for your significant other. (Hint hint ;))

I truly think that you can make a person’s day just by doing something kind for them. And who know’s? Maybe they will do something kind for a stranger and so on. The world would be a better place if we were simply nicer to each other.


Here’s another nice thing you can do. You can make a donation to my friend Casey who is running the Freedom Half Marathon in November on behalf of the American Heart Association in memory of her late boyfriend, Joel Hartman.

Image Detail

Her goal is to reach $500 and every little bit helps. Spare a dollar or five and do something nice for someone who is trying to do good despite the fact that she lost someone she cared about.

Also, remember that the “I’m Not Fast” store is open for business. ALL profits from shirt sales will go directly to FORCE during the month of October as a donation from me. I promise, I will not be benefiting at all from these sales. I simply want to donate to a cause and to an organization that has helped my family so much this past year.

And lastly, do something good for yourself. 🙂

Go for a walk. Get a massage. Relax on the couch and catch up with Modern Family. (That’s what I need to do!)

Or make yourself some of Jessica’s Pizza Swirl Bread! I made this last night for supper and wow…I am counting down the minutes until lunch time because I can’t wait to eat the leftovers!

This was seriously SO easy to make (especially since I used pre-made pizza dough.) I am IN LOVE with this recipe and definitely plan on making it often when regular pizza gets boring.

I made Marcus and I our own little loaves using mini bread pans.

You just can’t go wrong with pizza-inspired food! So go out and do something good today. We could all use a few more smiles. 🙂


Have a fab one!


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