A Low-Key Birthday

Marcus and I are homebodies. We admit it. And we like it. So when his 30th birthday rolled around, I was not surprised when he said that he just wanted to cook and hang at home. He wanted to watch football and play Playstation. Oh and he wanted a steak to grill.

What can I say? He’s easy to please. šŸ™‚ So yesterday, we had a low-key birthday.

First, I made him breakfast in bed. He wanted french toast and scrambled eggs. I added the candles in case he forgot that he was turning 30. šŸ˜‰

Right after breakfast, Bill and I gave Marcus his presents.

Mind you, all this was going down before 7:00am. I was too excited to give Marcus his presents to wait.

I think he was especially happy about his New Balances. Fun fact – this is his third pair of gray NB 993’s since we’ve been dating. I told you he’s easy to please.

For dinner, he fired up the grill and cooked his own steak.

I roasted red potatoesĀ and sautĆ©ed green beans for the sides and made myself baked tofu.

For dessert, we sharedĀ someĀ peanut butter pie. *Store-bought because I kinda suck at baking. Also, neither one of us wanted to be tempted with a whole cake justĀ hanging outĀ in the kitchen. So this little pie was perfect and delicious! It was basically an oversized Reese’s cup.

Make a wish! Yes, I used his 3-0 candles twice. He probably wished for me to stop reminding him that he was 30.

Ah well, here’s a whole blog post remindingĀ him so that wish didn’t come true.

That’s it! Some people go on a trip, have big parties and fancy dinners. We had a home cooked meal and peanut butter pie with a side of Dexter and Billy snuggles.

Sounds pretty fab to me! šŸ™‚


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