Comfort Food

There’s something about soup that just screams, comfort food. There’s nothing better than warming up with a hot bowl of soup with lots of crackers and hot sauce on a cold winter night. While it may not technically be soup weather yet, I could not resist making a batch when I saw this recipe on Ashley’s blog – The Edible Perspective.

Potato and kale soup? Perfection in a bowl. I LOVE potato soup. Just ask my mom. Whenever I was sick or feeling blah, mom would make me homemade potato soup and grilled cheese. It’s a childhood favorite.

Ashley’s potato soup is made without any cream, milk or cheese and it’s 100% vegetarian. This fact made me skeptical for sure. I wanted my soup to be thick and chunky and filling, not brothy. But I made the recipe anyways…

I modified the ingredients a little based on what I had. I used vegetable broth, four large potatoes (peeled), one yellow onion, two large handfuls of kale and salt, pepper, garlic, Italian seasoning and paprika for flavor.

I found that four large potatoes, chopped equal A LOT of potatoes.

I followed the directions exactly and crossed my fingers with it came time to blend the soup. Since I don’t have an immersion blender, I had to transfer about 3/4 of the soup into the blender.

But I cracked the lid and blended verrrrry slowly. No soup explosion for me.

I was happy to see that the blended soup was suuuuper creamy and almost mashed potato-like. After adding it back to the pot of un-blended soup and stirring, I had creamy, chunky potato soup. Genius! 🙂

The kale was an awesome addition. Next time I’ll probably add more since we’re both kale fanatics. I served the soup with cheddar cheese and homemade croutons. For the protein I made fake fried chicken for Marcus, baked tofu for me.

So comforting and easy. Marcus and I both LOVED this soup and packed the leftovers for lunch today. I will definitely be making this again for those cold winter nights.

And since my pictures kinda suck, here is a picture of my little Bill, who most definitely does not suck.

Love that cat. ❤

Have a fab one! 🙂


One response to “Comfort Food

  1. So happy to hear you both enjoyed the soup!!! 🙂 Thanks for posting about it and linking back to me! Take care!

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