Lunch Running

I was going to call this post, “Lunch Runs” but that sounds like I had the runs while eating lunch. While funny, it’s kind of a gross visual so this post has the above title.

A few times this week, I have been able to go out during my lunch break and go for a run. I always have gym clothes and running shoes with me. So one day when I was feeling particularly restless, I decided to just go for it. Best. idea. ever.


Why haven’t I thought of this before? Running during lunch is the perfect way to take a break, get some air, enjoy the sun and get a good workout in. I’ve been going to a high school track near my job and busting out a couple of quick miles.

That’s all it takes and I’m good to go for the rest of the day. The sun makes me happy and running makes me happy. That’s a lot of endorphins right there. By the time I get changed and back to work, I’m ready to finish up the work day.

The track even has bathrooms! Perfect situation if you ask me. The only thing that’s imperfect is this guy…

Every time I round a corner, I see this tackling dummy and think it’s a creepy person. Good thing I carry mace!

In other running news – I have the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon this weekend. More to come tomorrow. But as usual, I have pre-race jitters and loads of excitement. I am ready to run!

I also signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in December. I have never ran a race this late in the season. It will be cold! But I’m excited for a new challenge!


Also, many thanks to all the people who read and commented on yesterday’s post! Looks like a lot of you out there can relate to being a slower runner. I love that I’m not alone! 😀

Have a good one!


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