Hello Lover

Just call me Carrie Bradshaw. Except today it wasn’t Manolos I was lusting after, it was Whole Foods.

My Whole Foods coupon from Living Social has been burning a hole on my pocket. $10 to spend $20 at WF. I know you saw it…everyone saw it.

So on this ugly, rainy day I knew only one thing could cheer me up – a WF salad and komboucha.

I love shopping and browsing around WF. I don’t shop there often because a) it’s expensive and b)…it’s expensive! But their salad/hot food bar is just too fab to pass up, so I treat myself everyone once and a while for lunch or after a long run.

Today, with my coupon I filled up at the salad bar, bought three types of komboucha and dark chocolate peanut butter. Aka heaven. And it was only $6.00. Love you Living Social! Have another WF coupon soon!

I drank this new komboucha for lunch. It’s coconut flavor. Do yourself a favor, and skip it! I LOVE coconut but this tasted like vinagary suntan lotion. No bueno.

I took a picture of my salad but it was just a mess of kale and eggs and quinoa. Not pretty but so good!

It’s Friday! Have a fab weekend! 😀


One response to “Hello Lover

  1. LOVE the Sex & the City reference!!!! PS miss you and PPS…Homecoming soon!

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