Signs of Fall

I proclaim myself to be a warm weather girl – the hotter the better in my opinion. But with each new season that approaches, my affinity for warm temps wavers and I embrace the change.

I love all things about fall. The cool mornings, crunchy leaves, the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon. Sometimes I think it’s really my favorite time of year. Fall is full of my favorite things. Things like…

Football…specifically Redskins football.

I love cheering for the Skins. It’s fun and it gives me a way to bond with Marcus so that I am not a complete football widow. Unfortunately, my attention lasts for about one game then I’m off trying to find something more entertaining to watch – like Rachel Zoe or Top Chef.

Changing leaves

I never get tired of fall leaves. I will drive specifically out of my way to check out particularly pretty fall foliage.


I love pumpkin everything – pie, cake, bread, coffee, oatmeal. I love carving pumpkins, or even just displaying them. Pumpkins are the number one sign of fall.

Marcus’ birthday.

I like celebrating Marcus’ birthday more than he does, I think. I always try hard to make it really special for him. Therefore, he gets bows on his new bike like he’s 5.


My friends and I go to our college homecoming every year. It’s a time for us to be together and act like we’re in college again and it’s always epic.


I LOVE Halloween. I love scary movies, costumes, parties and passing out candy. Marcus has to suffer through my obsession and endure the times when I make him wear makeup and spray paint his hair. At least we look cute though, right?


We have tentatively nailed down October 2012 as our wedding date. This time next year, I will be an almost married woman. What’s not to love about that?!

What are your favorite things about fall? Have a fab one! 😀


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