It’s Squash Season

Even though it isn’t officially fall a few more days, I can’t help but embrace the oncoming season. The cooler temps have just pushed me into the mood. These past couple of weeks, I have been reaching for boots instead of sandals, ordering pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks and purchasing my favorite fall vegetable…squash.

Now, I am sure I will be bitching and moaning when it’s 20 degrees here and I have worn jeans and boots for 100 days in a row. But for now, I am loving this early fall feeling.

So last night I made my first squash of the season and it was awesome. I have always been a spaghetti squash fan, but squash is sometimes quite intimidating. Last year, it took me 30 minutes to butcher a butternut squash. I broke a sweat and ended up throwing half of the poor squash away because I mangled it in the cutting process.

Squashes have a tough skin, so I approached my spaghetti squash with a plan. I read online that you can microwave a squash first and it makes it easier to cut. So I pierced the squash  a bunch of times like a potato.

I then placed it in the microwave and heated it at three minute intervals. After about nine minutes, the skin was soft to the touch. My knife slid into the squash skin like butter, and as easy as that the squash was cut open. After cutting, I scooped out the guts and seeds  just like when you carve pumpkins.

Then I took a fork and scraped away the spaghetti strands. So easy, so delish.

Along with spaghetti squash, I also had gluten free rice noodles, sautéed spinach and onions and organic marinara.

Marcus had the same, minus the squash, plus homemade turkey meatballs. We are not gluten intolerant. I was just curious as to how the noodles tasted compared to regular wheat noodles. They were pretty good. Neither one of us could tell a difference in taste, although they were a little gummier in texture.

It was the perfect fall meal, and what’s even better is I have leftovers! I also have an acorn squash on the counter calling my name. Love squash!

And since I didn’t talk about the Emmys yesterday…let’s take a look at my best/worst dressed list.

Worst Dressed 

Julianna Margulies – She is a gorgeous lady, but I hated this dress. It looks like someone super glued stones onto a shower curtain. But her acceptance speech was so touching and sincere, so I won’t hate too much.

Gwynth Paltrow – She looks great but the dress is just ugly. I usually love Gwynth’s style, but this dress just didn’t do it for me.

Heidi Klum – Now I know she is known for pushing the envelope, but this was one look I could not stand behind. Heidi looks amazing in everything, but this dressed paired with the shoes was just a disaster. But I loved her jewelry and of course her arm candy. 😉

Best Dressed 

Sofia Vergara – She was hands down the most beautiful woman of the night. She always looks classy, always shows off those curves and always makes me laugh. She can do no wrong. She rocked it.

Nina Dobrev – I am currently obsessed with Vampire Diaries so Nina is my favorite. She just looks so classy and effortless.

Kate Winslet – I will forever love Kate for her stand on plastic surgery and her body confidence and acceptance. She is a timeless beauty and always slammin on the red carpet.

Whats was your favorite look of the night? Have a good one! 😀


2 responses to “It’s Squash Season

  1. I tasted spaghetti squash for the first time last Fall and look forward to eating it again this year.

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