Crossroads 17.75k

I currently feel like the hyper kid in your 3rd grade class. You know, the kid who couldn’t sit still, the one who always had to be told to calm down and focus. I was not that kid in elementary school. I was the kid who couldn’t stop talking. My mom called me, “Mouth of the South” for a reason.

So why am I feeling more jittery than a jack rabbit? Well for one, I treated myself to Starbucks this morning. Starbucks has a lot more crack zing than my usual 7-11 cup of joe. And two, I have a race tomorrow.

It never fails. No matter how many races I run, I always get the pre-race jitters. The pre-race jitters are a combo of excitement, nervousness, adrenaline and straight up fear. I kinda like pre-race jitters because it gets me in the zone, but it makes it real hard to sit at a desk and focus at work. Therefore, I am the hyper kid from 3rd grade.

Despite my training set backs, I am super amped for this race. I haven’t had this excitement and anticipation since my last half marathon in May. This feeling is why I keep coming back for more.

Tomorrow I will be running the Marine Corps Crossroads 17.75k. Random distance right? It equals about 11.03 miles. 1775 is a significant number because it is the year the Marine Corps was established. November 10, 1775 to be exact.  Crossroads signifies the Marine base Quantico. Quantico is considered the “Crossroads of the Corps” since virtually every Marine has to serve or attend Quantico at some point in their career. The race ends at the Marine Corps Museum right outside of Quantico.

How epic does this race sound? With so much history surrounding this race, how could I not run it? It is quite possibly the most perfect race I could run. The start line is right near my parent’s house, my brother is a newly commissioned Marine Corps officer and I have ran the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon twice. We even stayed on Quantico at the Navy Lodge when we first moved to Virginia until our house was ready to move into at Fort Belvoir. This race has my name written all over it.

This race is going to be intense. It’s my first partial trail race. Check out the elevation. It’s going to kill, but I love it.

Since it’s partially a trail race, I am going to wear my old Nike Moto+ 7 shoes. They will provide more padding for my feet on the unpaved portions of the race. I think my Nike Frees are too barefoot-esque for trail running.

I know this race will be hard. I am not as physically prepared as I would like. Then again, I never feel prepared before a race, and I always survive. I know I am mentally tough enough. So when it gets hard, I just need to keep pushing.

I am a bit intimidated…

But I have ran with the Marines before and held my own. Tomorrow I will do it again. It’s time to BRING IT!

Have a fab one! 😀

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