Buffalo Art Race

What the heck is up with this title? I don’t know…I never said I was the most creative person in the world, so bear with me.

After Zumba Saturday morning, I hit up Old Town for my usual Trader Joe’s run. On the way, I spotted an art festival in the middle of King Street. I pulled over and parked and decided that it would be fun to walk around soak up the morning.

Original art is usually pretty expensive, so I had no intentions of buying anything. I saw lots of amazing pieces.

Clearly, I love color.

And animals…

Actually, I just love colorful animals.

I ended up buying two original beach photographs on canvas for our bathroom for $10 each. So it was a successful and relaxing pit stop. Well worth it!

I will never get tired of Old Town. ❤

After I came home and unloaded groceries, I defrosted some chicken breasts strips and put them in the crock pot with salt, pepper and onions. I love the smell of food cooking in the crock pot. It reminded me of fall and made the house feel cozy.

After 5 hours of cooking on high, the chicken was nice and tender and ready for shredding. I added some buffalo sauce and easy as that, I had a new method for preparing chicken.

For myself, I made some crispy tofu with buffalo sauce on the side. I paired the buffalo chicken and tofu with potato wedges and asparagus.

I love home-cooked, hearty meals on the weekends. 🙂

I also love when Bill falls asleep like this…

In other news…I signed up for the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon today. It’s two weeks after my race this weekend. I LOVE this race. I ran it last year and plan on running it for as many years as I can. It’s ran almost entirely on the GW Parkway, so I am ultra familiar with the course and I just feel so at ease whenever I run on the Parkway.

I love race season. I took the summer off, but now I’m back in action!

Have a fab one! 😀


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