Homemade Mexican Pizza

Back when I ate fast food, one of my favorite places was Taco Bell. Cheap and fast “Mexican” food available at 2:00 am…what’s not to love? One of my favorite meals was the Mexican pizza combo.

These days, I make better food choices but I still love Mexican pizza. So my favorite late-night food became inspiration for last night’s dinner. I was determined to keep the taco-y goodness but with fewer calories and fat and more veggie power.

First, I began with crisping up some small whole wheat tortillas in a pan. Simply, coat the pan with cooking spray. When the pan is hot, add the tortilla and heat for about 45 seconds on each side.

Place finished tortillas on a paper towel to crisp up. This is the key to making successful pizzas. Let the tortillas crisp, or else you will have a soggy pizza.

While the tortillas were chillin, I cut veggies and heated the refried beans. I wanted the pizzas to have as many veggies as possible, so I sautéed mushrooms, black olives, roasted corn, onion and spinach. I also added some taco seasoning for extra flavor.

For Marcus and his brother, I also cooked ground turkey with taco seasoning. Once all the ingredients were made, I built the pizzas. I spread refried beans on one tortilla then added meat (for the boys), veggies and cheddar cheese. My pizza had double beans since it was meatless.

Then I placed another tortilla on top and finished with another sprinkle of cheddar.


I then heated the pizzas for 6 minutes in the oven set at 400. Once the cheese was super melty, the pizzas were finished.

Check out Marcus’ pizza – meaty, veggie goodness.

I topped mine with regular salsa and salsa verde. Melted cheddar cheese is not photogentic…niether is salsa verde. Tastes awesome so who cares!

I was pretty proud of my Mexican pizza creation. The pizzas were super easy and fun to make. I love Mexican-themed food because you can add tons of beans and veggies and make it healthy but tasty.

After dinner, we watched the season finale of True Blood. It was intense! How the heck am I going to wait until next season?! Also, I think my allegiance has changed from Erik to Alcide. Even though my cat is named after Bill, he was never my favorite character.

Alcide > Erik > Bill

Have a fab one! 😀


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