My Seven Links

The seven links posts have been floating around blog land for the past few weeks. I was nominated to share my seven links – kind of like superlatives for blogs. Hopefully you run into some posts you’ve never read before, or maybe some you would like to read again.

So here ya go…

1. most beautiful post: My Biggest Fan

This post was about my mom. I wrote it before she had her double mastectomy as a result of being BRCA 1 positive. It was a very scary and emotional time for my whole family. I wanted my mom to know how much I loved her. I also wanted to relay as much information as I could about BRCA and the process of having risk reducing surgery.

2. most popular post: The Results Are In

This post was read more than any of my other’s. It’s the post where I find out that like my mom, I am BRCA 1 positive. Finding out I was positive was one of the hardest and moments of my adult life, made more so because I knew how heart broken it made my parents. But as a result of this post, I received lots of kind words, encouragement and love from my family, friends, the BRCA community and even total strangers. It was hard news to receive but felt good to have all the support.

3. most controversial post: Self Acceptance

I wouldn’t really consider this post controversial. I haven’t really caused a lot of controversy yet…I’m sure I will one day. But this was the hardest post for me to write. Putting all your insecurities out there is super hard. So it was a post I struggled to write and publish.  

4. most helpful post: Tofu 101

I was asked by a few readers to describe tofu and talk about how to use and cook it. This post gets a lot of hits when people check out tofu on search engines.

5. surprise success post: The Proposal

This post was my second most read, ever. I’m not TOO surprised that it got a lot of hits. Who doesn’t like a good proposal story? I guess you are all a bunch of romantics. It was a pretty awesome proposal. 😉

6. post that did not get enough attention: Running Page

I really don’t have a post that didn’t receive enough attention. I am just grateful that people read my nonsense every day. My running page gets a decent amount of hits. But I do think that it is a good resource for those who are beginners and interested in running. I also put a lot of work into my race recaps, so if you are ever interested in detailed race reviews, they are all listed on my Running Page.

7. most proud post: USMC

This is probably meant to reference something that I have done that I am most proud of. But honestly, Tyler being commissioned into the Marine Corps is something I am more proud of than anything I have ever done myself. It was one of the coolest, most emotional, proudest moments of my life. Looking at the pictures still gives me chills. My brother is awesome.

So those are my seven links. Hope you learned a little more about Delish World!

Thanks for reading and have a fab one! If you’re in the DC area, stay dry and safe. It currently looks like this out there:



2 responses to “My Seven Links

  1. Be careful going home! This is another wonderful post and such a nice tribute to your family! Love ya’ll! ❤

  2. Wonderful recap from a wonderful woman! Ilove you!!

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